One of the exciting things about social media is that it is ever-changing. Every year, fresh ideas and new social media tools are introduced.

Here is a list of 10 exciting new things to try on social media in 2019;


Experiment with the engaging story polls

Want to make your Instagram stories more exciting for both you and your audience? You should try experimenting with the story polls. The template is self-explanatory. All you need to do is ask your audience questions and offer two answer choices. This will stimulate engagement as your audience responds to your questions.

Include ads in your stories

Instagram introduced a new story feature similar to Facebook’s Boost Feature. It is worth trying out as it allows you to run ads on the background of your stories and is suitable for anyone with an Instagram budget.

Telling long stories with IGTV

With Instagram having launched the IGTV feature, you should not shy away from telling long-form stories. This app provides an enhanced video experience for your audience and comes with a somewhat vertical full screen.


Personalized ads on Messenger

Facebook continues to improve its messaging app, making it user- friendly and exciting. This year, Facebook came bearing gifts with the introduction of Messenger ads. It is such a fascinating feature that allows you to develop your personalized ads. You can then proceed to send these ads to your select contacts.

Try out this feature, and you just might wow your target audience with your thoughtful ads.

Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook creative think tank never seems to run out of brilliant ideas. With their latest market channel that is known as the Facebook Marketplace, you stand to surprise your audience. It is more of a shopping channel which incorporates ads. You can place your ads directly to the market place.

This incredible feature helps you to extend your reach as your ads will appear on the News Feed, Messenger, and even Instagram.

Facebook Video Creation Kit

The chances are that you enjoy posting videos on Facebook. Now, this feature offers an opportunity to create videos on Facebook. You just need to choose the images you’d like to use for your amateur videos and use this kit to optimize the videos. You can take it a notch higher by incorporating overlays and logos as you please.


Promote events on the status update

Twitter has not been left out; it has been working hard to launch an engaging Status Update Feature. In this feature, you can easily promote events to your target audience. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to comment on the current news and events within your community on this platform.

Try the speech bubble

There is nothing as exciting and convenient as a well-coiffed conversation view on any messenger. It not only simplifies your chat activity but also makes it more fun. The good news is that with Twitter’s new speech bubble, you can finally have a fun experience while catching up with your friends.

You can engage your customers in conversations more effectively on your brand's Twitter account. Tracking of threaded messages is also more simplified.

Try out this feature and you can be guaranteed that your customers will be pleased.


LinkedIn Live

Ever imagined a live broadcast on LinkedIn?  Well, LinkedIn is evolving and improving its user experience. Though this is currently an invite-only kind of feature, you can try it out.

How does it work? You will have the chance to broadcast a live video to a group of contacts on the platform. You can take the opportunity to announce business-related updates or hold Q&A sessions with your audience.

Whatever you think could be accomplished with a live broadcast on LinkedIn, you should go for it.


Stream live with the Snapchat camera

If you found taking pictures with the Snapchat camera on a desktop impressive, then there is even a bigger surprise for you. You can try selecting lenses on your computer with the same camera. This time, you’ll be able to do much more, including video chats and live streams.

There are thousands of lenses that you can choose from. So, take your time and enjoy the new experience.

Social media platforms are always creating room for users to do more. The new features on different platforms can help revamp your social media presence. So, make sure that you try some of these new things.