Videos are becoming the next big thing in social media. In fact, 82% of Twitter users watch videos on the platform.

Over 40% of people on Facebook are said to be watching more than an hour of video every single week. What’s surprising is that more video content is uploaded on social media in a month, than what major television networks in the U.S have made in the last 30 years.

These are staggering figures that show just how much videos have become popular on social media. However, creating videos isn’t exactly easy. Besides that, it costs money and sometimes expensive, sophisticated pieces of equipment have to be used. Fortunately, there are sites where you can get free stock videos for social media. These sites help you keep your social media accounts lively without digging deep into your pocket.

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Here are 10 sites to get free stock videos for social media;


Pexels is a site that originally offered free photos only. Later on, they decided to expand their portfolio by adding quality HD stock videos. Given that these videos are CCO-licensed, you can edit them to meet your personal needs. You also don’t need authorization to use them.

Life of Vids

Another great free stock video source is the Life of Vids. This site boasts of a variety of videos that have no copyright restrictions. The quality of the videos is superb for your social media endeavors and you don’t have to pay a dime to download them.


Creativity appeals to many people. You probably would love to post unique HD videos on your social media accounts. The good news is that you can get such videos from Distill. All you need to do is drop your email address on this site, and they will respond by sending 10 captivating videos within 10 days.


If you are looking for royalty-free video content for your social media, you should check out Videezy. This site has a wide array of video clips that you can use for both commercial and personal purposes. You, however, need to credit whenever you use their videos.


Vidsplay harbors a wide collection of free stock videos for your social media. They add fresh content to their video site every week. You can check them out every week for new free video content.


Attribution makes it difficult to find videos that you can use on your social media without getting into any legal trouble. Luckily, Pixabay is home to thousands of free videos that you can use however you like without seeking any consent.


Daniel Nanescu is the visual genius behind Splitshire. He founded this site to provide free videos and photos to his audience. The videos are available for both personal and commercial use. You are guaranteed to get awe-inspiring drone footage of various beautiful sceneries on Splitshire.

Stock Footage 4 Free

Most stock video sites add new videos weekly. Stock Footage 4 Free strives to add fresh videos every day. This means that you can find exciting videos to use in your social media every morning.

As if that’s not enough, you don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for specific videos. The videos are arranged in various categories and you just need to click on the one you like and browse through the content. Some of the categories include animals, nature and even construction.

Sign up with your email and you may just be lucky enough to find the kind of video you’d like to upload to your select social media platform.


Videoblocks is endowed with tons of fascinating video clips. This site is known for aerial videos, B-roll clips as well as time-lapse footage. Membership is required to access this video resource. Nonetheless, the site offers a 7-day trial free trial within which you can download at least 5 videos of your choice.


If you are into motion graphics and stock videos, then Videvo could be your ultimate content source. The collection of videos is created by a community of enthusiasts. What this means for you is that you will find different varieties of video content.

The content is licensed by the relevant bodies. You don’t have to worry when using it for personal or commercial reasons.

With the above-listed sites, you have more than enough stock video resources for your social media activities. Moreover, you can find a varying quality, as well as a wide variety of content on these sites hassle-free.