The high chances are that Google is your go-to search engine. Billions of searches take place on Google every single day as it is endowed with an inexhaustible wealth of resources. But Google isn’t just that, it is so much more.

It offers a lot of free services that you can access with a single click on your computer. For marketers, there is a whole bunch of free marketing tools at your disposal.

Here are some of the best marketing tools that you can take advantage of;

Google AdSense

Do you have an active website or blog? There are a lot of people who could be interested in placing ads on your site. Google AdSense is the tool that links you up with them. As long as your online platform has an audience that the advertisers would love to reach, you are good to go.

Google My Business

Have you claimed your Google My Business listing yet? If not, then you are missing out on some incredible free advertising on Google. This tool features your business not only on the search results but also on Google maps for local searches. It gets better as you don’t have to pay a dime for it. To start, you just need to first claim your Google My Business listing on Google.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is more of a monitoring tool that lets you know the number of times your business is getting mentioned online. It picks out phrases or keywords that are specifically associated with your business and provides feedback on where your brand is being mentioned, what is being said about it, and so on. Though the feedback is not real-time, it helps you improve your marketing strategies.


You probably don’t think about whose product it is when using YouTube. Nonetheless, this is a powerful marketing tool for video marketers owned by Google. Given that it has 1 billion active users, using it can take your marketing journey to the next level pretty fast.

Google FeedBurner

Google FeedBurner is the ultimate Google tool as far as growing your brands reach is concerned. It allows your audience to get updates from your site through their preferred web browsers. Also, they can effortlessly subscribe to your site’s content. This helps you to keep them updated about your business via email.

Google Calendar

Though it may seem odd, Google calendar is a tool that can contribute to your marketing efforts. You can use this tool to organize your marketing activities and share them with the relevant people. The editorial calendar keeps you and your team up to date with the marketing schedule set in place.

Google Voice

Would you love to understand the needs of the people who call your business line? Google voice could be the solution. Though it’s only available in the US, it is a great tool that you can use to determine the usefulness of your business phone number.

With this tool, you can efficiently monitor your phone lines, come up with appropriate voicemail messages as well as transcribe these messages.

Google News

As a marketer, you are probably always looking to capitalize on various marketing opportunities. Google News may come in handy for your marketing endeavors. This tool helps you to get traction of current news stories. If newsjacking is one of your favorite marketing techniques, this tool will provide you with the developing events within your industry.

Google Drive

Marketing is all about exchanging ideas with your team to come up with exceptional content that can promote your business. Google Drive allows you to do that. It comes with about 15 GB of free storage space.

You can share most types of files on this platform, including videos and images.

In content marketing, you want to use the most relevant yet popular terms. Google Trends helps you to achieve that. This is a smart tool that facilitates you to analyze trending terms, check out their popularity in various regions, and get keyword ideas.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Keyword research is always on the mind of every online content marketer. As a marketer, to find the right keywords is extremely important. A keyword suggesting tool is, therefore, considered quite useful.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner is not specifically built for this purpose. Nevertheless, it could be instrumental to find great keyword ideas.

Google Chrome

Are you always looking for ways to beef up your marketing productivity? If your answer is YES, then you should consider using the Google Chrome browser. This browser offers more than just speed. You’ll get themes, apps, and extensions that could increase your marketing productivity.

Google Docs

Sometimes, you’ll want to share information with your marketing team. It could be in the form of documents, designs, spreadsheets, tables, drawings and so on. Google Docs is a versatile tool that facilitates the sharing of marketing information with your colleagues online. Besides that, you could use the forms created via Google Docs to run a marketing survey and collect data.

Google Books

You might be wondering what Google Books can do for your marketing efforts. There is something this tool can help you do. If you’ve got a book, you want people to find it easily. This is where this tool comes in. Given that billions of people use Google, listing your book on this platform can open up doors that you never imagined. So, if you want to boost your book sales, you’d better list it on Google Books.

Google Analytics

As part of marketing, you’ve got to monitor your website’s performance. This lets you identify the areas that need to be strengthened. With Google Analytics, you can monitor the traffic your site receives. You can also tell how long your site visitors stick around.

And using this information, you can optimize your site and boost your traffic.

Google Search Console

Knowing how Google views your site could be a game-changer to your marketing strategy. Google Search Console provides specific information concerning your web pages. This may include indexing insight as well as crawl reports.

Such insight can give you much-needed assistance to improve your website’s performance.

Google Marketing Platform

The Google marketing platform is a group of tools that offer various marketing solutions. It is a user-friendly tool that can provide advanced solutions. While analyzing your online marketing data is time-consuming, with this tool, you can do it much faster.

As you can see, there tons of tools on Google that could suit your online marketing endeavors. What makes it even better, is the fact that most of them are free.