Lead generation is one of the most important steps in any successful digital marketing strategy.

Facebook offers an easy way to create ads specifically for this purpose, but you need to make sure you’re using it in the most effective way possible.  My name is Benjamin, this is Adsoup Insights, and here are 3 tips to make an effective lead generating ad on Facebook.  

Today I’m talking about how to use Facebook’s lead generating ads effectively by keeping it simple, providing value, and asking the right questions.  Let’s start with –  

Number one: Keep it simple!  

Images are responsible for 75% to 90% of an ad’s performance, so choose wisely when designing your ad. Make sure it’s attractive enough to stand out and simple enough to understand from the first glance.   Be sure to include a concise and straightforward call to action.    

Now that you’ve got their attention, give your future customers a reason to engage with –  

Number two, Make your ad worthwhile.  

It can take between six to eight unique impressions to create a viable sales lead.  So even if you’ve got the best looking ad in front of a targeted audience, potential customers still may not be ready to make a purchase. And that’s ok! Because we’re trying to generate leads here, not conversions. This is your opportunity to offer potential customer something of value in exchange for an introduction.  

Something of value could be a weekly recipe sent via email or a free trial of your design software. Whatever it is, give your future customer a reason to care, and a reason to stay in touch.  

Number three: Ask the right questions.

You could ask users an endless number of questions with Facebook’s forms, but when it comes to generating leads effectively, two is the magic number. Studies show the highest converting forms only ask for a name and an email.  

This makes sense because users have already disclosed this information to Facebook. Thanks to auto-fill, when they click on your ad, this information will be there already! In just two clicks, the user has filled out your form and can continue scrolling through Facebook.  

Forms that ask for even one more piece of information see conversion rates drop by fifteen percent!  Remember that generating leads is only the beginning. It’s up to you to continue the relationship and turn them into conversions.  

The most effective way to keep track of your leads is to connect with a service like Adsoup, that will collect the information directly in your CRM. Another option is to use a paid third-party service like Zapier that sends your leads directly to your email. Either way, you’ll have all your leads in the same place, ready for follow up action.  

The key to making an effective, lead generating ad on Facebook is to be helpful!  Offer potential customers something of value. Keep your messaging and your process simple, and don’t ask for too much!  

This has been Adsoup Insights! For more tips on how social media can help your business, subscribe to our Youtube Channel. We’ve got lots more where this came from.  My name is Benjamin and I will see you again soon.