If you are in the know and looking for your business to grow then you know that ecommerce conversions are what it is all about.

Adsoup – one tool covers all aspects:

There are many key enablers that need to meld seamlessly if a company is to maximise business and the associated revenues this will bring.

Adsoup offers all of these enablers in one tool:

  • Email
  • Social apps
  • Web chat
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Reporting
  • CRM

Combining and understanding data from these channels is the differentiator between success and failure in your sector. Conversion is crucial.

Gone are the days:

Many companies make the mistake of assuming 'too little' of their customer base and that they can give an average sales experience to their clients and still grow. Mobility and technology have left that behind. What customers demand is easy access, easy contact and comprehensive options to help answer their demanding needs.

Adsoup key drivers to boosting your bottom line:

To boost your bottom line there are many best practices that need to be implemented. Here are just 3 examples of key drivers that must be taken seriously if you are serious about growing your business.

The need to win new business, and just as importantly, maintaining existing customer satisfaction is an absolute must for any company looking to flourish in their chosen market sector. This can only be achieved by delivering superior engagement.

Self-service channels - Helping clients – Helping you:

Self-service channels have got to be seen as a win-win for your business as well as for your customers, but this only applies when they are implemented and used appropriately.

Support costs are effectively reduced for companies because many agent-assisted enquiries are dealt with electronically, the customer also gets exactly what they want in terms of seamless information in the minimal amount of time to commonly asked questions.

Comprehensive FAQ’s and auto-answers serve this arm of your business perfectly.

Automated responses triggered by keyword intelligence guide the customer to where they need to be in terms of popular requests. This includes such things as order status, product options and delivery lead times.

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Well organised response channels will include the setting of thresholds in terms of how many times a customer attempts to use self-service options before you auto-escalate this to a live agent, or to provide answers required if they cannot find much-needed information quickly enough.

These options work effectively by utilising triggers on current queue size to help you control all live chat traffic that also has the ability to fall back on forced self-service if your chat agents are at capacity.

Where is the contact information?

Surveys have shown that mobile customers looking at products and services of a company rank the ability of easily finding support contact options way above other factors in terms of a positive mobile experience.

It is vital that anyone visiting your site feels they are being engaged either with live chat or other easily accessible contact information channels.

Leave a customer hanging-on for too long, or frustrate them by being unable to easily locate contact information and they will do one thing: Hang-up and move on to a competitor!

Well-organised digital channels are an absolute must to ensure that any problem resolution is addressed rapidly and effectively.

This will not only increase your conversion rates, boost your customer loyalty and customer retention, it means you are giving the customer what they demand: Answers.

The more effectively this rapport is set up, the more likely deserved business is to come your way.

The empowerment of customers to help solve problems in acceptable timescales and with the minimum of effort means you will see them coming back time and time again.

STOP cart abandonment:

Surveys have shown than an incredible 2/3rds of online consumers will abandon purchase due to problems with the payment process.

Imagine, you are at the till, goods in one hand, payment in the other and there is no cashier to be seen!

By allowing chat agents to intervene quickly with very low thresholds in terms of problems with attempted payment, you are in all likelihood, closing the sale.

Once a customer has this sort of confidence in your company it is only natural that you will become their first choice for future purchases and services.

A meeting room you'd never want to leave

Adsoup delivers all of this and much, much more:

The above 3 issues really are the tip of an iceberg that must be addressed to ensure your company products and services are not frozen out of vital business.

Contact us today to understand what value add our all-in-one tool can do to help your business prosper.