You’ve got the meeting, you are working out the needs of your customer, but you need them to sign off so you can send the all-important first invoice.
My name is Benjamin, this is Adsoup Insights, and here are 4 Techniques for Closing a Sale.

Moving your client from indecision to action is the last and most crucial step in any sale.

Here are four techniques for closing that sale with ease, depending on your client and the type of product or service you are offering.

Number 1, The Assumptive Close

If you’ve already gone through the details, and figured out what your customer needs and expects from your product or service, it might be safe to assume that the customer is ready to commit. An example of an assumptive close is to ask, “what day would you like us to start?”. This technique should never be used too early, but if you are confident in this assumption, chances are your clients will be too.

Number 2, The Suggestive Close

If you’ve taken the time to build a good relationship, your client would be wise to trust you as an expert in your field. In this position it is highly effective to suggest to your client that they commit by a certain date or for a specific product or feature. 70% of purchase decisions are made to solve a specific problem. Once you know your client’s problem, you can become the authority on how to fix it.

This technique is best for repeat customers or clients who have come to you for advice and guidance.

Number 3, The Urgent Close

Create a sense of urgency by pointing out why it would be better for the customer to commit sooner rather than later. Maybe there’s a limited time offer that your client could miss. Maybe based on your client’s own goals and deadlines, you need to start on the preparations in order to deliver on time. There are many reasons for a sale to become urgent and as long as it is in the client’s interest and not your own, drawing attention to these reasons will likely result in a quicker sale.

Number 4, The Direct Close

Be honest. If you’ve put in the work and feel that the only thing left to do is make the sale official, your client probably knows that too. Be direct and ask when it would be ok to start. Another approach is to ask the client if there’s anything else they need before sending the invoice and getting to work for them. This way you will find out exactly what’s standing between you and your close.

Every sale is different so identify which of these techniques is best, based on your relationship to your client and the circumstances surrounding the sale. If time is a concern, draw attention to the urgency, if you have a strong relationship with your client, you may want to be more suggestive.
It can be difficult to move your customer from decision making to action, but by using the right technique, you’ll be closing the sale in no time.

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