With high-velocity sales, you can efficiently create new opportunities, reach the best quality leads, and intelligently convert leads into buying customers all in one seamless workspace. Still, one of the biggest challenges of this model is the lack of one-on-one engagement.

Usually, when the customer’s journey takes place online, businesses are left with fast engagement opportunities and little room for error. An error, in this case, is harder to repair than when dealing with a client in person. Hence, it increases your chances of losing the clients' attention, and eventually losing the sale.

In a normal business environment, a personal experiential marketing approach results in higher conversion rates. Fortunately, businesses in the digital sphere can create these experiences with a simple change of approach. Here are 4 tips for hacking high-velocity sales:

Disconnect your product or service from the top of the funnel marketing engagements

At the top of the sales and marketing funnel, the best way to improve high-velocity sales is by generating rapport. This can be achieved by making the lead feel understood. You want to take the time to listen to your audience and understand their pain point, and then use the same information to show them that you know them, that you understand their challenges and what you can do or offer to cater to their needs. You want to get the leads to feel like they have someone they can freely talk to and somewhere they can offload.

If you can do this, expect the leads to ask you how you can help them sooner than you would anticipate. The trick here is that once you disconnect your product from the top of the funnel, and focus more on the lead’s concerns and what brought them there, there is a high chance that they will be the ones seeking information about your product, improving your chances of converting them into buying customers. Take this opportunity to show them that you know them, you care about them and that you can help them, to get them to ask about your product.

Connect with your leads through mutual values

This helps create great rapport, turning the sales and marketing process into a natural and better option while also minimising comparison and deliberation. For you to find these mutual values, we highly recommend creating a table with two columns:

    Your company’s beliefs and values

    Your target audience’s needs and beliefs

Once you have outlined the unique values of your company and target audience, match at least 3 that are most applicable to your business and also work to acknowledge your target audience’s needs. This should be the core basis of your content creation and marketing plan.

Align your sales and experience funnels

Experience triggers action for humans. Maya Angelou’s quote, “People forget what you said, and what you did, but will hold the feelings you elicited in them for a lifetime” could not be any more accurate. In the same way, experiences trigger leads to remember, think, make up their minds and act. Therefore, incorporate experience through content at every phase of your sales and marketing funnel to trigger your leads to take action.

Content means tools

Most businesses dedicate their time to creating posts, blogs, videos, white papers, eBooks and webinars. But remember, for a lead to take the next step, they want to feel like you care and are working to ensure they receive the help they deserve. With this in mind, create good, informative content that will lead them to another challenge, which is figuring out how to employ these insights and communicate the right information to their peers.

This gives you another opportunity to make them feel truly cared for by doing the challenge for them through quality and relevant content creation. A project plan template, for instance, can be highly valuable for your business. It leaves your target audience with an unforgettable and highly gratifying experience.

Although the world keeps changing each day, people are still the same. We need to experience first-hand and feel for us to act. So, change your engagement strategy today by following these simple time. This may result in a more measurable and effective sales process.