Twitter is among the top three social media platforms in the world. With over 300 million active users, businesses use this platform to market their services and products. However, marketing on Twitter requires a significant amount of time and effort. It is also a continuous process that marketers sometimes find hard to keep up with.

For one to be effective while marketing on Twitter, it is imperative that you remain consistent. In case you find it challenging or tedious, here are 4 tools that can help you simplify your marketing efforts;


Sharing links on Twitter is a great way to simplify your marketing. Buffer is a web browser application that helps you share links effortlessly. You can install it on your desired browser and use it to queue your posts. If you have important links to share, just line them up for automatic posting.

The tool suggests specific time intervals for sending your links out. You can, therefore, customize it to share links at your preferred time. By automating your posts on Buffer, you get to free up your time and concentrate on other important tasks. Moreover, this tool tracks the response on your posts, and through its analysis, you can find out how effective your tweets are, the topics that your audience liked most and the times when your audience interacts with your posts most.


This is another social media managing tool with some very effective features that can help you make your work easier on Twitter. Its main features are social insights, social advertising, and social marketing. This tool aids your marketing efforts by helping you earn more followers. It is intelligently developed to come up with statistics representing your performance in real time.

Audiense has filters that allow you to find the most relevant followers and makes it possible to target your preferred audience on the basis of activity, demographics, and influence.  Through the process of  analysing your followers, Audiense uses the data it collects to suggest the best times for you to tweet.


Finding the right hashtags on Twitter isn’t easy. Hashtagify is designed to help you with that task as well as enhance your marketing experience. With this tool, you can choose the correct hashtags and get the most out of Twitter. Using the right hashtags can make an enormous impact on your Twitter marketing campaigns, and that is what Hashtagify seeks to do for you. You can use this tool whenever you are conducting hashtag research to help maximize your marketing strategies.


Crowdfire is a tool that helps you manage your Twitter account with utmost ease. Apart from scheduling your posts, it helps you optimise your account in a way that you can only follow the right people. It also provides analytics for the social media accounts that may be linked to it. It comes with an additional valuable content Recommendation feature coupled with RSS integration. This is to help you enhance your content by fetching the most relevant and new content to share with your audience on a daily basis, ensuring your twitter account stays active.

Crowdfire also comes in handy when you need to look at or copy followers that are relevant to your brand. It can be time-consuming to search for potential followers one by one in order to follow them. However, with this tool, you can simply check the people who follow a certain user and have a similar brand to yours, scroll down and copy some of their relevant followers who can help you grow a healthy audience.

Also, it makes no sense to follow users that have been inactive for over 6 months. Crowdfire will help you to unfollow inactive users and maximize your potential on active accounts. If you follow more people than you are followed, this tool can help you strike a balance by reducing your ratio to a more effective level.

A lot more can be achieved with Twitter by simplifying your marketing strategies. With the use of the above-mentioned tools, you can do a quick analysis, follow people that are relevant to your brand and automatically unfollow the inactive accounts that may be misleading you. The bottom line is that you can do all this without investing long hours into monitoring your Twitter account. All you need is to let these tools grow your marketing presence on Twitter.