There is a reason why a landing page is sometimes referred to as a lead capture page. Its ultimate objective is to help your brand with lead conversion. For this reason, anything inscribed on your landing page should be well thought.

Your landing page is the first representation of your brand that people come across online. If it happens to be shady, then you are bound to miss out on great traffic. Excellent use of Typefaces on your landing page can leave an impressionable mark on your visitors. What’s more alluring is that it can help elevate your brand.

What is a Typeface?

A typeface is a set of intriguing fonts paired together to achieve a particular design. Usually, a typeface is made up of well-coiffed glyphs.

Each font in a typeface is italicized in a distinct style. Moreover, brands that use typefaces to pair their fonts in such a way that they complement each other.

If you have been looking for ideas to elevate your brand, you could use typefaces to give your brand an exquisite appeal. In case you haven’t realized, most notable brands have typefaces that make them stand out. Some of the brands that have nailed the use of typefaces include Airbnb, Apple, and Hewlett-Packard.

Although typefaces are not the only element of design that makes these brands noticeable, they contribute significantly to making them look exceptional.

There are numerous ways that you can use typefaces to elevate your brand. Once you learn to execute the tips below, your lead conversion rate is bound to improve.

Go easy on the number of fonts

Typography can get complicated. The more you use a lot of different fonts, the more it becomes complex and perhaps unappealing. This is why you should use typefaces strategically to avoid distracting your audience. Giving your landing page a flawless appearance can create more opportunities for your business.

Stick to fewer fonts, simplicity and utmost clarity as far as using typefaces is concerned. You can use one font family in 1-2 weights. The point is to use typefaces that are easy on the eye.

Whoever looks at your landing page should be able to read through, and understand the message clearly as well as appreciate the beauty of your landing page.

Ignore the rules where applicable

Just like any other design, typography is a discipline that adheres to certain principles. There are rules to abide by when using typefaces. But sometimes, rules and creativity don’t blend well. Sometimes, to implement a great idea, you have to break some rules. The rule of thumb is that you should stick to a maximum of two typefaces one paragraph. The good news is that if your design demands more than that, then you should find a way of using more than two typefaces. You just have to ensure that the resulting content is not chaotic.

Use typefaces to move the audience

You undoubtedly want to leave a lingering impression on your audience. Typefaces can be instrumental in doing so. This can be achieved by using the kind of typography that matches your brand. The typefaces you decide to use should relate to your brand. Arrange them in a way that represents your brand such that if a visitor clicks on your landing page, they get a clear idea of what your brand is all about.

Incorporate a typeface in your message

People are more inclined towards using imagery to support their brand's typography. Nonetheless, you can incorporate a typeface as part of your message. You don’t have to worry about adding images, or certain backgrounds to finesse the branding on your landing page.

Marketing is all about elevating your brand. Some of the details that could improve your brand and boost your lead conversion rate may seem minor. But if you pay attention closely, you will realize that using typefaces appropriate can contribute to lead conversion.

If you want to make your landing page more attractive, don’t shy away from implementing the tips listed above. Remember, your landing page introduces potential customers to your brand. Therefore, it is imperative that you make it as presentable as possible.