Analytic tools provide one of the best ways to boost your marketing performance to make it more effective and ensure you get the desired ROI. Generally, these tools help you determine and understand how your marketing strategies are doing.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the best analytic tools to supercharge your marketing strategy.

HubSpot Analytics

This is a web analytics tool that provides you with useful website visitor data. The report provided includes metrics such as traffic, bounce rate, session duration average time spent on site, engagement, new visitors and the number of forms fills. These reports make it easier for you to analyze the data in a smarter way. The insights provided help marketers understand their website data and put it to good use, allowing them to drive more conversions by providing different offers.


Marketo is a comprehensive cloud-based platform that specializes in engagement and marketing management. This tool offers an array of features including content marketing, a mobile, web, social email, and marketing analytics which help convert visitors into buyers.

With this tool, marketers can track campaigns and pull reports to access data from different points. As a result, it provides you with strategic insights that you can use to make your business better. Marketers use this tool to simplify and streamline their marketing effort and boost efficiencies. For instance, this tool provides a great way to analyze and perfect email marketing metrics.

According to CampaignMonitor, when done right, email marketing generates up to $44 for every $1 spent. Marketo enables you to integrate your email marketing with other channels including digital advertising and social media.

This tool contains all the features you would expect in a premium marketing analytics tool. Marketo continually analyzes the results, helping you deliver highly targeted emails with relevant content directly to the targeted subscribers. Also, its ability to combine with Google’s Cloud Program gives it an edge over its competitors.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great free analytics tool powered by Google. This tool is quite powerful and covers a range of bases to monitor the progress and performance of a website. Google Analytics tool plays a major role in providing real-time and tangible data. It allows users to track the traffic on their website, see where their leads are coming from, how they were referred to their website, the amount of time they spend on it and more.

Google analytics also has an integration with Google AdWords, which allows you to analyse your data in more details. It is highly recommended for marketers that want to track the traffic their marketing effort is attracting.


This is a marketing analytics tool that gives you more insight into what your competitors are doing online. It is specific to finding the most profitable keywords. By knowing the top ranking pages of your competitors and keywords they are ranking for, this gives you a better chance to create and optimize your content based on those keywords.

When used properly, this tool can help you outrank your competition in search result pages. It also offers a simple way to monitor your competitor's social media accounts, brands and more. One of the key features of SEMrush is the analytic report tool that displays what keywords your competitors are using in their campaigns, allowing you to learn more about their search engine traffic.

Visual IQ

This is a marketing analytics tool that's intended to help marketers understand marketing performance and the unique profiles of their customers and prospects. This tool lets you analyze audience behaviours and attributes, optimize budgets and modify the overall customer experience.

With this tool, marketers can graduate from the slow, arduous process of gathering data and generating insights from customer interactions from multiple channels, devices, and touch points and then attributing which channels and strategies have the most positive effect on your business.

With this tool, marketers are able to garner a richer understanding of their audiences through specific profiling of their audience. This, in turn, lets you fully optimize your customers experienced and empower them to perform your desired actions, driving business growth.

Analytic tools help to deliver actionable, audience-driven marketing intelligence that is crucial for delivering meaningful business results. Take advantage of any of these tools today to surcharge your marketing strategy.