Events are very exciting, especially if you have a great set up and speakers or performers lined up. However, for an event to be deemed successful, you ought to attract the crowd. This is part of what makes an event fun.

As an event marketer, your job might be easier if you have big performers on board that can draw out a massive audience.  Let’s face it, not everyone is able to invite renowned celebrities to perform at their event. In fact, if you are promoting on your own, you will have to do a lot more.

For your investment to pay off, you’ll need to figure out various ways to hype your event. It is also your obligation to get the word out there for people to attend. There are a number of marketing tips that you can use to increase the chances of your event being successful. Here are the top 5:

Clear description

People have to understand what your event is all about so that they can come. It helps to clearly describe your event and the kind of audience you expect. Take it a notch further and explain what the audience should expect. For instance, if it’s a food event, list some of the delicacies that will be served at the event. The description should be brief and attractive.

You can use posters and social media pages to display this information. It all depends on where you are likely to find most of your possible attendees. For charged events, it is important to disclose the registration or entry fee. In case you plan to offer discounts, display it in the description as well.

List your speakers and performers

A professional event is meant to offer value to the attendees. Therefore, you should display your speakers on the event page and their different credentials. Are they experts in their fields? Include such information. Are you going to have various performers grace the stage? Let the people know through promotional material.

A majority of people who attend events expect to have a good time. It doesn’t matter what the event is about. Chances are that the attendees will be looking forward to that great speaker as well as the jazz player who will be taking the stage to entertain them.

Social media ads

The power of social media can no longer be underestimated. Choose one or two of your best social media platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn and create relevant Ads to let people know about the event.

Videos have become a huge marketing tool for social media. You will never go wrong with marketing your event on social media, especially through videos. While making these videos, include some of your guests. If you're going to invite a speaker, you can record a short interview with them. For a musician, a short introduction will do. It is even much better if your star guest can urge people to attend the event at the end of the video.

List your strategic partners

While promoting an event, it is extremely important to recognize your sponsors. Everyone knows that they are hard to come by.

A community of strategic partners can help you a great deal to put your event out there, especially if they are various household brands. You can convince more people to attend your event through the sponsors. For instance, if it is a sports event supported by the Fly Emirates or Nike, then you should let people know. This convinces your target audience that your event is meaningful.

Promote the event's location

Have you got a good location for your event? You should take advantage of it in the marketing process. Mention some of the highlights of your location; this could be its accessibility or its grand looks. You might be surprised at how much people love to attend events held in great locations.

Preparing for an event is a daunting task right from planning to execution. As if that’s not enough, you have to worry about the possibility of people not attending your event. Luckily, you don’t have to be a professional event marketer to get your targeted audience to come to your event. Nonetheless, executing the listed marketing tips diligently should alleviate any worries of a poor turnout.