Over the years, social media popularity has grown exponentially. Millions of people are actively using Twitter all over the world. This has prompted different types of businesses to use this platform as a marketing tool.

When done effectively, marketing on Twitter is very rewarding.

Through marketing on Twitter, businesses of all sizes are able to reach their current and prospective customers. However, things on this platform move very fast. A single tweet has an average lifespan of 18 minutes. With the shelf life of a tweet being this short; it's challenging to keep up. For your tweet to make a long-lasting impact on your target audience, you ought to use the right strategy.

Have the appropriate Twitter handle

Your twitter handle should be short so that people can easily tag you. It should be easy to recognize. Also, ensure that it's catchy and easy to remember. Whenever people search your name on Twitter, they make use of your handle to find your name.

Your brand should be consistent across all social media platforms. Different names may confuse your followers in regards to your brand, so, always use the same name consistently to avoid that. By doing this, your followers will not have a hard time tracking you down.

While choosing a twitter handle, go for something close to your brand name. A short twitter handle is easily mentionable by other brands and users. People will be more reluctant to mention your handle if it's too long mainly due to the character limit on Twitter.

Use a recognizable and memorable profile picture

Prospective customers on Twitter will tend to first interact more with your account than your business premise. This is why your profile picture should be appealing and memorable. You can opt to use your logo as the profile picture. With time, your logo will become a familiar representation of your brand not only within but also elsewhere.

Optimize your Twitter Bio

The characters on your bio are limited to 160. Use them in the best way possible to give a good representation of your brand. To do so, introduce yourself to the world in short, but accurate words. Through your Twitter bio, tell your audience who you are and what you do.

In your bio, you can mention an outstanding accomplishment if you have any. Ensure your message resonates with your audience. It's also important to tag brands that you are closely associated with.

Both my mother and I were trying to make time go faster. She was checking Twitter and I took photos of her, checking Twitter. What a time to be alive.

Include images in your tweets

Adding images to your tweets attracts more attention. More people are likely to click and share a tweet that has a catchy image. Pairing information with a supporting image makes it easier for people to remember for long. This is why images will make your marketing on Twitter more effective.

Post your tweets on peak hours

Timing plays a crucial role in making marketing effective. For this reason, it's best to tweet when your target audience is most active. This will be determined by what you offer and who is likely to use it more. During the weekends most people have some free time and will spend more hours on social media. This is a good time to post your tweets.

If you are not sure of the best times to post your tweets, you can observe the time when your tweet gets the most clicks. This will reveal a pattern of time when your posts perform best, and that’s your peak time.

Do not overuse or misuse hashtags

The use of hashtags on Twitter is a brilliant way to get more reads on your tweets. However, if you misuse or overuse hashtags, the chances are that this will negatively affect your tweets. The use of an irrelevant hashtag will confuse your target audience, which is detrimental to your marketing efforts. Instead of getting your target audience interested, they will lose interest in your tweets.

Twitter is a powerful platform to effectively market your business. For you to achieve the desired results, ensure that you make use of the best tips. To keep up with the emerging marketing trends on Twitter, keep learning and implementing newly proven strategies. Keeping up with relevant tweets will not only grow your audience but also your business.