Visuals are now undeniably playing a crucial role in digital content. That is why marketers are increasingly using a little bit of graphic design to make their content more appealing.

In fact, some of the internet users barely look at any digital content that is in a predominantly plain text.

Though one has to be trained in graphic designs to take on complex projects, you don’t need any kind of training for simple digital content tasks.  Would you like to add more visual intrigue either in your blog, website or social media posts? Then it would help to hone your amateurish graphic design skills. This doesn’t mean that you have to enroll in a design class. All you need to do is read the tips that we are going to list for you in this article.

Stick to a few select types of fonts

We can agree that some fonts are harder to read than others.  As you might have realized, internet users don’t like to strain as they navigate through a blog or website. For this reason, you want to stick to about two or three fonts. One can be used in the headings and the other in the content.

You also want to stay away from exceedingly stylish fonts that are likely to demand a lot of concentration. The ultimate goal is to be simple, clear and fascinating.

Ensure that your content is less crowded

Ever been to a website where everything felt tremendously crowded?  Then you probably had difficulties finding whatever that you were looking for. This is a common mistake that most content creators make. It often results from using too much color, texts, and images in a somewhat limited space that could be used better.

Fortunately, if you show some more respect to the white space, your content won't trouble the audience. The trick is to leave out enough white space on the margins and stick to a few colors. This will give your followers an easy time picking out the important pieces of your message. Furthermore, a well-distributed white space allows your audience to pause and rest in between the displayed information.

Use the right colors and contrast

Colors evoke emotion. Therefore, it is extremely important to meticulously pick and use colors in your content. You want to set the right mood for the reader, and then use the right contrast to enable your audience to focus on the bits of information that matter.

To achieve high contrast, use colors that are complementary. These are usually two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. The background should have a cool color that allows the others used in the text to stand out.

Be unique

Copying another brand’s design is a practice that you should avoid at all cost if at all you want to be unique. While you can learn a lot from other people's work, you need to make it your goal to only use that information to enhance your content. You definitely want a logo that doesn’t look like any other, so that your audience can identify you easily without likening you with other brands.

Bear in mind that you could be using the same templates as other brands, hence the need to customize your content.

Select your images

There are lots of images on the internet. However, you have to pick your images keenly. This is not only because you want to avoid copyright trouble, but also the need to use distinctive images. You can always tap into your creativity by taking your own pictures and editing them to suit your ideas.

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Avoid spelling mistakes

Spelling mistakes make you look bad. Imagine having a spelling mistake on your logo?  This would probably not sit well with your audience.  You want to make certain that you have carefully checked your content before uploading it.

Just because you are not a trained graphic designer, it doesn’t mean that your audience has to settle for dull content. With these tips, you can easily create alluring content, with the kind of visuals that can keep your audience glued to your page. Most importantly, strive to deliver your message in a clear, precise and beautiful way.