Some brands excel on Instagram effortlessly. They have tons of content that keep their Instagram account lively.

For instance, a brand like Netflix never seems to run out of ideas. They have hundreds of new TV shows and movies premiering every other day. You’d never get bored of visiting the Netflix Instagram page because there is always something interesting to look forward to.

The sad truth is that not all brands have enough creative content to keep their Instagram account buzzing. Restaurants can always showcase some of their exotic dishes on Instagram frequently. Travel companies have a lot to offer as well as most of them have thousands of picturesque images of some of the coolest destinations in the world.

Unfortunately, an insurance firm doesn’t enjoy the same privileges on Instagram. It is right to say that such brands are just not “instagrammable.’’ Here are some of such brands that took us by surprise;

You’d be surprised that has over 140,000 followers on their Instagram. This is where they get their daily word dose. And it actually works. Instagram account is all about simplicity. They are dedicated to posting a colorful definition of one word every day. This trick seems to work perfectly as the number of followers keeps growing.

Trader Joe’s

Who would have expected that a grocery store can have one of the vibrant Instagram accounts? You’d have to visit Trader Joe’s Instagram to see for yourself.

Trader Joe’s maybe the grocery store, but they surely know how to keep things interesting on their Instagram account. They probably don’t have much to show how on Instagram but their products. However, they do it compellingly. For that reason, they have over 240,000 Instagram followers.

King Arthur Flour

Is a flour company even supposed to be on Instagram? Well, probably not. But King Arthur Flour does not only have an Instagram account, but it also has 190,000 followers. Their social media manager seems to have got it spot on.

If you follow their page, you’ll notice they upload photos of deliciously looking baked goodies. What makes it even more interesting is that some of these goodies are from their customers. There is no doubt that their customers enjoy baking with King Arthur Flour products.

United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Traditional state agencies are expected to have a somewhat mediocre or boring presence on social media. But a single look at the TSA’s Instagram account would tell you otherwise. Their Instagram posts are hilarious.

Some of their posts show what they encounter from the public on their daily activities. This includes some of the items they confiscate. Their social media team undoubtedly deserves a pat on their back due to their tremendous creativity.


Brands with big products are more discoverable. This may help them get a huge following on Instagram. Sharpie is, however, a well-established brand with a small product. Their core business is making markers and pens.

What makes them stand out on Instagram is their creativity. They share some of the creative designs made by their customers and employees. Usually, they motivate their audience to post some of the creative work they may have put together using Sharpie’s products.

Their audience loves this kind of posts. And the numbers don’t lie as Sharpie’s Instagram account has almost 300,000 followers.


3M has products across numerous industries. Though it is popular for tape, its contributions go beyond that.

This innovative brand does not stop its innovation on products. Their Instagram presence confirms this. If you follow them on Instagram, you’ll realize that their posts are riveting. Mostly, the posts are a combination of lifestyle with science. 3M has over 100,000 followers on Instagram.

As you can see, it doesn’t matter what type of products or services these brands offer. Though it might seem difficult, they find a way to wow their audience by posting engrossing content on their Instagram accounts. For this reason, they command a significant following and their audience can’t seem to get enough of them.

By following these brands, you could learn a few tips, and create more engaging Instagram posts. Moreover, you could use creativity to build a unique and exciting Instagram account for your brand.