Would you like to improve your current Facebook campaigns? Then you might need to look into your advertisement tactics. By using more advanced methods, you could drastically improve your chances of reaching more people.

There are a few tricks that you could use to ensure that your Facebook advertising investment bears more fruit. In this article, we will list 7 advanced Facebook advertising tips that you can easily incorporate into your strategy.

Make use of the test and learn tools

Sometimes, the only way to improve your Facebook campaigns is to test and learn. Thankfully, Facebook has a test and learn tool that comes in handy in helping you determine what works best.

This tool is on the Facebook ads manager. When you put different advertisements under scrutiny for a considerable period of time using it, you are able to know which one works best.

Target the right audience

It doesn’t matter how good your advertisements are if the right audience can't see them. In fact, you might come up with top quality content, use picturesque images and have a great message, but still fail to achieve sales. This can be extremely frustrating as you may feel as though your efforts are going to the drain.

Fortunately, you can work around this challenge. Facebook targeting is the ultimate solution to this predicament. All you need to do is to target your campaign based on the interest groups. For instance, if you are pushing a sports product such as biking gear, you can join groups with motorcycle enthusiasts. Follow the riders on Facebook and within no time, you’ll get noticed. Once they begin to see your ads, the conversion rate will improve.

Lookalike audiences

You probably targeted ads to people who know you previously and you are thinking, what next?  Well, you can now focus on targeting the look-alikes of the people you know. What you should look for are the people who have an unwavering similarity to those that you usually target. This can help expand your campaigns horizon and bring more customers on board.

Moreover, it can be done through the ads manager. All you need is to choose the lookalike option and select a similar audience that you would like to target. The percentage of look-alikes is usually between 1-10%, and the minimum is always more accurate.

Life events and behavior targeting

This is yet another brilliant option that revolves around targeting people who are either brought together by a particular event or similar behavior.

The behavior may revolve around certain spending habits. This way, you could target people who normally purchase a particular product or attend certain events. You just need to select the Facebook detailed targeting option and click on behaviors instead of interests.

Improve your timing

Most people will post their ads during the day. While this isn’t a bad practice, it is mediocre. The downside of this strategy is that there is massive competition during the day and so many ads are posted. Luckily, you can improve your chances by posting ads from 10 pm to midnight at your local time.

Why is this? Well, there aren’t many ads coming up at that time and there is still an active audience awake.

Color psychology

Color psychology shouldn’t be underestimated. If you haven’t been paying attention to the colors you use in your ads, then it’s time you started doing so. People resonate with particular colors more than others. You’ll find that colors like red attract lots of attention.

Study the way different colors interact with the human brain, then make use of the information in your favor.

Audience insight

Audience insight is a powerful technique that can tremendously improve your campaigns. It involves getting useful information concerning your audience. This includes their age, gender, education, lifestyle, and careers. Such information is helpful when targeting your ads.

This tool is found in the Facebook settings under “Create Audience” section. Once you are in this section, click on demographics. The information on age, gender, and lifestyle and so on will be displayed. You can adjust it however you deem right.

With these advanced tips to improve your Facebook campaigns, you should be able to make a difference. Although you may not achieve the results overnight, you will certainly see the difference within a few days.