Everybody is tapping into digital marketing, from small business enterprises, homegrown businesses to well-established corporations. With all this competition, it is much harder to stand out in the crowded digital marketing space. It is however not impossible to be successful with a well-coiffed and customer-oriented strategy.

There are numerous key elements required for a digital strategy to flourish. Here are the essentials:

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most crucial elements of any digital marketing strategy. Due to the changing climate within the online marketing space, your content may fall down the pecking order in most search engines; this is most likely to happen if you don't often conduct an SEO audit as well as an update.

Your brand should be found on search engines effortlessly. Weeding out the keywords that might be slowing down your discoverability and replacing them with discoverable ones can achieve better results. Experts recommend a well-choreographed SEO audit four times a year to keep your brand afloat.


This is another crucial element of a digital marketing strategy. Actively feeding your target audience with relevant, fresh information generates leads for your website. The more traffic is directed towards your website, the higher you rank within the search engines.

Marketers who engage in active blogging have a higher return on investment. Enterprises that indulge in blogging also garner over 50% more leads than their counterparts who choose not to.

Mobile marketing

Over 50% of Americans check their phones every morning before they get out of bed. Moreover, most people are glued to their phones for a considerable amount of time browsing through social media as well as search engines. This happens when they are commuting, while on lunch or coffee breaks at work. More so, people are more likely to learn about various products and services on their phones, and that's why mobile marketing is increasingly becoming important for most businesses.

Creating mobile-friendly pages could improve your digital marketing strategy drastically. Consumers tend to use the mobile web more than laptop and desktop computers. The flexibility involved in using mobile phones to browse is what has largely contributed to this. In fact, mobile phones will continue to dominate as their sales surpass that of PCs and other devices.

Social media

Social media platforms have a massive number of active users on a daily basis. Businesses are now utilising these platforms to obtain more sales. However, the competition is stiff because the trends keep changing, so you have to keep up with them. With an active social media presence, brands can improve their ROI and multiply their conversion rates.

Social media is not slowing down anytime soon. It is therefore imperative for businesses to continuously learn to leverage social media in their marketing efforts.

Videos and streaming

Brands are increasingly noticing the power of videos in advertising as it is one of the best ways to package a brand's message. Videos are more interactive, which makes most audiences appreciate them even more. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are very popular, meaning that your brand's potential can be limitless if you make use of them.

Live streaming should also not be ignored because it is resonating well with the audience. This is a tested and proven, yet affordable method of any digital marketing strategy.

Email marketing

Emailing is one of the most officially accepted ways for business communication. As much as there are other options of communication on social media platforms, emails are holding their ground. Emailing has always been effective in advertising, acquiring and retaining customers as well as providing crucial product information to consumers. Surprisingly, email still holds the torch when it comes to customer acquisition beating social media with over 40% (according to recent data).

Influencer marketing

Influencers are people who command a huge following on social media. It is becoming lucrative to incorporate influencers in digital marketing strategies. Brands are beginning to appreciate the potential of digital marketing through influencers. In fact, more people are becoming inclined towards buying products recommended by influencers in certain niches.

Digital marketing has become a force to be reckoned with in marketing for many businesses. And with the above-listed essentials, it is possible for companies with the right strategies to drive their sales up significantly.