Are you looking to close more sales? Regardless of how hard you practice and how well you design solutions for prospects, if your sales closing technique is weak, your business may suffer in a few ways.

In this article, we will cover 7 of the most effective sales closing techniques and tips that will boost your overall output.

The Now or Never Closing Technique

If you want to push a client into buying, try offering them some kind of special benefit in return.

In this case, you should make the prospect an offer and include a special benefit to prompt an immediate purchase. Some of the great examples of the now or never closing technique include;

    Customers who sign up now get a 20% discount

    This is the last piece at that price

    If you commit to buying now, we will fast track your process to the implementation

The now or never closing technique works because most people are often too afraid to commit. This technique nudges them to make a decision.

The Summary Close

This technique requires you to reiterate the key benefits of an item the customer wants to purchase. You should emphasize on the value it will add to the customer and the benefits that they will enjoy in an attempt to get them to make the purchase or sign up.

For instance, you can remind the prospect about your 10-year all-inclusive guarantee and your free installation service. Summarizing all the important benefits into one short and impressive package helps the prospect visualize what they are getting from that deal.

The sharp angle closing technique

This technique comes into play when a prospect asks for a concession. This way, whether it is a delivery, price or additional features, you can respond by asking them whether you manage to fulfill their needs the same day they will make the purchase, or sign the purchase order. This is an important closing question because if you agree without asking to close the sale, the customer has an open door to keep asking for concessions.

The Assumptive Close

In this closing technique, the seller assumes that the prospect is going to make the purchase. If you have already established a rapport with the client and they respect your judgement, make a list of all the items they are considering to take as you discuss their needs. When the time is right, put an X on the signature line, hand it over to them and says “here”.

Be quiet and wait for them to take the next step, whatever it may be. The key to launching a successful assumptive close is being able to gauge the temperature to confirm that the prospect is following along with your assumption of sale.

The Question Close

To close a sale using this technique, it is crucial that you ask the prospects probing questions. Through a series of relevant question, you will slowly develop the prospect’s desire in your product while eliminating any objections to purchasing. You can even opt to close the sale with a question. This will allow you to address any outstanding objections while also gaining a commitment.

A great question to close is “Does what I am selling solve your problem?” This question allows you to know if the prospect is sold. It also opens a door for further selling. Hence, if the answer is yes, signing the deal is the next logic step. And if the answer is no, that is their opinion and not the truth. Hence, you can continue selling to them.

The takeaway close

We all hate it when things are taken away from us, regardless of whether it is something we already own or something that you want to buy. That is why this technique has a high success rate.

The takeaway close involves reviewing your clients' needs, benefits and features a prospect wants and then suggesting that they forgo some of them, possibly to offer cost saving. This results in a psychological impact on the client not wanting to lose anything on their wish list and pushing forward with the total package.

The Hard Close

This closing technique calls for a lot of confidence and courage and is highly recommended for situations where you have nothing to lose. Although humans love to buy stuff, most hate being sold to. For the hard close, you will be required to ask the prospect to buy straight up. Just make sure to be as professional as possible when asking. A great way to ask is “ do you want to go ahead and purchase this today?

Take your time to evaluate these closing techniques to find one that works best for you. Do not get discouraged if one close doesn't work for you at a go. Repeated use and practice will help you to refine how you use it.