Although hashtags were previously used on Twitter, they are now predominantly used across all social media platforms. Hashtags may be seen as just a symbol for those who do not know much about them, but they are much more than that.

Marketers use hashtags on Twitter so that people who are interested in their products or services can easily and promptly find them on social media. For a hashtag to be effective, it has to be relevant enough to resonate with the targeted audience. It is not easy for marketers to always come up with the right hashtag. However, there are numerous incredible hashtag research tools that assist marketers to create unique and reaching hashtags for their specific marketing endeavours.


Ritetag is a tool that seeks to incorporate your own hashtag strategy to help you construct a better one. It works by examining the hashtags that you are currently using and builds from them. Through combining ideas from hashtags that have been trending and past data, Ritetag is able to generate future hashtag projections and create hashtags that stand out right away.


Trendsmap is a fascinating interactive hashtag research tool that will go above and beyond to help you come up with the most pertinent hashtag. This tool shows you the trending hashtags on a map. You are able to see the kind of hashtags that are receiving the most response in different cities, states or regions. From this information, a more geographically focused hashtag can be created putting you at the right spot on the map.

Export Tweet

The export tweet tool is another brilliant tool that tracks not only historical but also real-time data to help you craft the appropriate hashtag for your marketing needs. This tool is quite thorough as it also allows the user to track keywords for the purpose of finding the best performing related tweets. It goes as far as letting you identify the geographical locations of the trending hashtags. You can use Export Tweet to find a Twitter influencer easily if you wish so.


Hashtagify is a popular hashtag research tool that points you in the right direction when it comes to finding a hashtag that is relevant to your marketing cause. With this tool, you can view influencers that use a particular hashtag. It is also possible to view hashtag effectiveness within different geographical locations.


This is an affordable hashtag research tool that helps enterprises and individuals to come up with befitting hashtags. Initially, it allows for a free search but later asks you to pay for an upgrade. The free search lasts for seven days and you can search up to 300 tweets for the designated period. On this tool, you can figure out a hashtag's overall reach and its effectiveness in different geographical areas.

Once you upgrade to the paid service, you are allowed to view advanced analytics, influencers, past data and search filters.


If you are interested in just surface analytics, this tool allows you to access them for free by using its free function option. You can then proceed to collect data that is valuable to your hashtag creation efforts. Keyhole provides up to the minute data on sentiment, influencers, top sources, impressions, and demographics.


Twubs is a user-friendly designed hashtag research tool with helpful features. It provides an interactive hashtag page that shows the activities surrounding your hashtag. Twubs enables you to take charge of your own custom made hashtag for your brand preferences. On the hashtag page, you are able to communicate with other users who are interested in your hashtag.

The number of hashtags generated on Twitter every day is enormous. It is therefore easy for your hashtag to get drowned on by the others. More so, if you are just putting it out there with no strategy. However, if you are strategic enough and chose the right hashtag research tool for your marketing journey, you can easily wade through all the competing data and stand out.

The above-listed tools can help you to come up with hashtags that focus on your marketing agenda. All you need to do is identify the tool that befits you most or takes the challenge of experiments with several of these tools to get the best.