With over 2.2 billion active users, getting customers on Facebook might seem easy; but that's not the case. While there is a good number of consumers that would love to get what you are selling, targeting this segment on Facebook is a little tougher than you would expect.

Although it is hard, the rewards are extremely worth it. To help you out, we have outlined these 9 tried and proven tactics of a successful local marketing strategy.

Share reviews

Standing out from other hundred local businesses can be hard, especially when you are all vying for the same users' attention. Fortunately, with the help of social proof, your business can stand out from the rest. Let your customers speak for you by sharing positive reviews about your business online.

Whenever they come to your store, ask them to leave a review on your product or service online or to write a testimonial that you can share on your page. People are more likely to buy or sign up if there is a good review from other customers who have already tried the product.

Create an Event

Hosting an event provides a great way to get potential clients into your business, which improves your chances of turning them into buying clients. The event does not have to be fancy or super organised. Something as simple as an info session or an open house will work well for businesses like yoga studios, retail stores, spas, fitness centres, and salons.

Facebook events provide a great way to notify your followers about the event and generate some buzz for your business. To improve the reach of your event, consider adding directions or a map to make it easy for people to find it.

Use Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups offer an array of marketing advantages, including building a community, networking, establishing expertise, listing and selling your products among others. They provide the perfect platform to create a controlled community of your target audience.

As the admin of the group, you get to manage what is posted on your page by approving or rejecting posts, accepting or blocking members and directing the commentary.  This way, you can build a micro-community that is hyper-focused on the subject you choose. For instance, if your restaurant focuses on Italian cuisine, you can create a Facebook group that is centred around Italian cuisine, what sets it apart from the rest, their health benefits among others.

Share local content

One feature that is consistent with Facebook is people’s love for celebrating local produce. Take advantage of this feature by aligning your business with famous local events, landmarks, people, sayings, history and other nuances that are integral to your city’s identity.

Sharing local content that captures the essence of your locale grows peoples' interest in your local business. So take the time to make your page an extension of these cultures and traditions surrounding your location.

Mention other local businesses, groups, and events

To gain traction and build engagement around your business, mention or tag accounts that share content that aligns to your audience’s interests, making sure not to overdo it. Consider tagging those that will have the greatest impact and provide value to your audience.

Page tags work well when you are attending an industry event of working on collaborations. If you are attending a local conference, build hype around it and while there, take a group photo to showcase company culture or try Facebook Live.

Tag events and locations

Tag locations and events whenever you have company outings, business development trips or doing event marketing. If you are manning a booth at a comic con, take a group photo, post it on your page and tag the location. If you are taking the team to dine at a new restaurant, tag the location and upload a boomerang of the food.

Run a contest

Contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways are a popular and effective tool among marketers. They provide a fun and easy way to connect with local customers and bring in more clients to your Facebook page.

Encourage foot traffic

One of the biggest problems most retail businesses encounter when marketing on Facebook is getting people to visit their store. Fortunately, there are a few tactics you can use to encourage foot traffic, including running regular in-store events, promoting in-store giveaways, coupons, and sweepstakes or aligning your page with events that your audience cares about.

On-site promotion of your Facebook Page

Once the traffic comes to your business, try to convert it into your brand online advocates. Use receipts, business cards, signage, coupons, and flyers to ask for likes, reviews, posts on your Facebook timeline and check-ins.

For instance, you can give away a $100 or $200 gift card for participants who take selfies or pictures in front of a branded sign, displays or mural, post them on their timeline and tag your Facebook Page.

Try out each of these tactics to see what your audience responds to best and what generates the most business for your company through Facebook. Note that Facebook local marketing can take time, so be patient, persistent and detail oriented.