Want to make money selling eBooks? We all have passions and areas of expertise. Whether this is fitness and nutrition, business coaching, digital art, music or literature, there are people out there that will value your knowledge and want to learn more.

One of the best ways to turn this passion and knowledge into a business and monetise it is by creating and selling eBooks.

While eBooks provide one of the easiest ways to earn passive income, it requires you to put in some work to be able to continue reaping the financial benefits for months, even years to come. Creating and selling eBooks can be exciting and daunting at the same time.

How to make money selling eBooks

Choose a Niche

Choosing a niche is crucial to establishing yourself as an authority on your subject. Do not pick a topic just because you think it is a best-seller. Instead, choose one that you are knowledgeable and passionate about. The goal here is to build authority and confidence in your work. To achieve this, you need to add an original edge to your eBook.

Consider sharing a personal story or experiences, which are more engaging, helps you build authority and create empathy with the readers. People buy eBooks because they want to learn something. So make it simple, clear and to the point.

Format your eBook

One key to selling eBooks is readability. Make sure your book is formatted in a way that makes it easy for readers to digest information. You can achieve this by keeping your formatting consistent like using Arial font at size 12. Also, stick to a simple colour scheme.

Invest in your e-book cover

Most people buy books based on their cover only. Invest in an eye-catching cover page. The cover should also include a brief of what is inside. Since you will not have to worry about people printing the book, give your cover the highest graphics you can ever give to increase sales. Consider hiring an affordable, but expert graphic designers on sites like Fiverr.com to create a beautiful e-book art and cover for you. The same designers can also format the interior pages.

Other than the cover, the next most visible thing about your eBook is the title. The combination of a well-designed cover and a great title will help draw more buyers.

Proofread your work

Make sure to hire a professional or get a friend to check your eBook for grammatical and spelling mistakes before the final publication. An eBook that is full of errors does not inspire confidence in your readers and can lead to bad reviews and refund demands.

Where to sell your eBook

Amazon provides one of the best platforms to sell eBooks because it gives it the most eyeballs, allowing you to make more sales.

You can also sell your eBook on your website as it comes with some great upsides, including;

  • It allows you to keep the entire sale price and not just 70%
  • It gives you the greatest independence and sales control
  • It helps you build engagement and authority with your audience, allowing you to create that critical email list of people who are interested in hearing from you

Marketing and promotion

Now that you have a great eBook, with a great cover design, the next step is marketing and publicising it to make sales. Marketing and promotion are what separates an eBook that makes money from one that does not.

If possible, get the word out about your eBook before you even publish it. This will help improve your chances of hitting the bestseller charts right when it is published on Amazon, which equals more sales.

Get positive reviews

Anyone who has shopped online knows the importance of having a few positive reviews on your merchandise. Good reviews show other potential buyers that your eBook is well written and useful and that they should try it too. They provide social proof that the book is excellent and up to par. To get started, use social media, family and friends to get some positive reviews. Let them go to Amazon, buy the book and leave a review.

While creating an eBook takes work, it also provides a great way to explore your knowledge and passion while making an income from it. Selling eBooks provides a low-risk, low-cost business, with considerable benefits. All you need to succeed is passion, determination and discipline.