This is a common question asked by people looking to make money online. The simple answer to this question is yes, you can make a living selling on eBay. What’s more, you can do it with little to no investment.

Features that make eBay a viable e-commerce platform to make money at home


Getting buyers on eBay is relatively fast. You can set up your shop today and start getting payments before the end of the same week.

It costs nothing

If you are selling your own products, you can start for free. Your expense will only come after you have made a sale and have been paid.

A ready market

According to Statista, eBay boasts of over 152 million active buyers. This site also has a mobile platform, making it easier for users to buy from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet access. It does a great job at helping sellers reach buyers with 40% of home businesses without a website selling on eBay and Amazon. Still, even with all these features, it takes a lot more to make a steady income on eBay. Just like any business, you need to take some time to research the market, plan and then implement it.

Here are 7 steps to selling on eBay to make a living.

Learn as much as you can about eBay

Before you even sign up for a selling account, take the time to learn the ropes, including how the site works. eBay provides beginners with tons of learning material and helpful guides that they can use to get started.

Choose your marketplace

Once you have learned all the basics of selling on eBay, choose your market. You have the option of going global and using international where payments are made in USD. You can also opt for a localized version like where you can make payments with your local currency. When choosing a marketplace, beware that the seller covers shipping fees. So as a beginner it might be easier if you started selling locally first.

Set up your business account

Come up with a catchy and easy to remember business name. Then, enter your address details, email and contact phone number where your customers can reach you. Finalize by adding a PayPal account where all payments will be made, and complete the eBay ID verification process which takes less than 5 minutes.

Set up your store page

The competition on eBay is tough. So you will need to stand out to sell your products. eBay allows you to sell as an individual seller or create a personalized storefront on their site. The latter is recommended for sellers with multiple goods to dispatch and plan to do a lot of selling here.

Optimize your product titles

eBay gives you up to 80 words to describe your product. To optimize it, include 1 to 3 relevant keywords to help it rank in search results. Also, consider writing in capital letters to attract users attention.

Optimize product description

For best results, include at least a 200-word description for each item with the most important keywords listed at the top. Fill out every field on your listing and ensure you describe it as well as possible with all the relevant information.

Add clear photos

A product photo can make or break a sale. So invest in good professional images because dark and blurry ones will not help you win any sales. Include at least 2 to 4 photos of your product from each angle, and edit them to make them irresistibly attractive.

Run a price research and choose a price model

Before putting a product up for sale, determine its worth and how much it will cost you to sell it. The goal here is to make a decent profit while taking into consideration all additional costs applied when selling on eBay.

Start bidding low to attract customers

While it might be tempting to list your product high, starting your bids as low as 99p will actually get you a better sale. A low starting bid catches the attention of more potential buyers and encourages a competitive bid-off, especially nearing the last day of bidding.

Master shipping

Once you have sold your product, the next step is to ship it to the happy customer. Make sure to dispatch your items as early as possible. Also, ensure that you send each item sold by recorded delivery or at least get proof of delivery. Otherwise, you might get scammed by eBay users who claim they have not received the item even when they have.

At this stage, you can start selling your products on eBay. Hopefully, the information provided here can help you start selling on eBay and make a living out of it!