In business, it is always cheaper to keep an existing client relationship going as opposed to signing a new client. This is where retargeting comes in. Retargeting lets you reach out to users who already have an existing relationship, in any capacity with your business.

It lets you try to get them to purchase or re-engage with your brands.

One great way to retarget your audience is through Facebook retargeting. Whenever you advertise on Facebook, you have the option to target people that have an existing relationship with your business. Facebook ads for custom audiences aim to target customers that are already familiar with your brand.

Retargeting is an effective strategy since audiences love to interact with ads from brands they already know and trust. This, in turn, provides a win-win situation for advertisers. What’s more, these ads are loved by advertisers because they cost less and convert more, making them the ultimate win-win situation.

Here are 3 Facebook ad custom audiences and how to retarget them

Video Engagement

Just like dating, hard selling to customers immediately you regain contact can rub them the wrong way. Instead, start with a simple brand awareness that aims to reintroduce you to your target audience. Although there are some customers that may click on the CTA and convert immediately, there is a high likelihood that most will not. This is OK since you can always run a Facebook retargeting campaign that will show your ad to audiences who engaged with or saved your previous ad. Here, you can focus on lead generation and conversion more heavily.

Use a Facebook video Ad for the first ad as it gives you a great medium to tell your brand’s story. From this ad, you can create a custom audience off the users that watched at least half of the video as they indicated a strong interest in your business. You can do this by clicking on the Engagement tab when creating a custom audience and then choose a video. Once you choose your audience, hit them with a retargeting ad that contains more offers to entice them to click.

Abandoned Cart

There are times when you want to buy something, but hold off despite really wanting to buy it. Most times, you may hold off from buying because you want to stick to a budget. However, if the same item appears on your Facebook News Feed, it may seem like fate, making it easier for you to make the purchase.

Whenever customers visit different product pages on your site, this is usually an indication that they are truly interested and intend to purchase the item now or in the near future. Otherwise, it is very hard for users to end up on a certain product page if they are not interested in buying something similar. To make the most out of this information, use dynamic Facebook ads and custom audiences from your website to dangle these products in front of them. This provides a great way to keep your brand at the forefront of their mind. The strategy can help you get these conversions and maybe even steal a sale from your competition.

Previous Customers

You might have customers that you have done business with but you probably haven't heard from them since then. Most of these customers are usually almost always waiting for you to make the first move and swoop them back into the fold. Fortunately, there are various retargeting campaigns that are explicitly designed to connect with users who have not purchased or engaged with your business within a set period of time.

All you have to do is decide the period of time, which can be from as soon as three months since they made the last purchase, or even as long as a year ago. Once you have created your custom audience, start with a nice big headline such as “we miss you” and combine it with a tempting offer that is sure to get them engaging or buying from your business again.

Facebook retargeting has been proven to receive better results than any other forms of social advertising, both traditional and conventional ways, including increased ROI. Most importantly, it provides an excellent way to embed your self in your client’s good graces.