If you are in business then most likely, you're going to be relying on sales to bring in tha cash, and unless you're a magic sales genie that can snap your fingers and booyaa there its raining dollar bills, well you may have to implement some strategies to make that cash flow, yo.

So, My name is Benjamin this is Adsoup insights, and here are my top 4 strategies to increase sales, that may actually work.. and not be too difficult either.

Let's get started.

Sales SHOULDN'T be a pain in the ass; it SHOULD be straightforward, find people that want your thing, tell people you have a thing, they buy the thing, jobs are done, let's all go to the pub.

If it was that easy, we would all be a little happier but, it's not, so with a few quick tips you can implement into your routine, it will be a bit more successful, which is always a good feeling.

Number One, Maintain Customer Relationships

It's often overlooked but, you're up to 50% more likely to sell to an existing customer than a brand new one. That means, nurturing customer relationships is one of the greatest and easiest ways to increase sales.

Like any relationship, It's as simple as talking to your customers to find out how you can improve your service. I'm not going to say you should ask them on how to develop your products because, you're more likely to increase businesses by giving exceptional after sales service than just adding a new colour widget to your inventory so yeah, service your customers.... good.

Just sending some emails out, not selling but just checking in,  and being active on social media, will make it easy to keep in touch with all your customer base and keep the lines of communication open.

You could even, spend a few days doing phone calls if you have your customer numbers, it's not too hard and just by calling up, asking how they are doing and asking how you could do better for them, is certainly a WOW moment for your customers.

One thing to remember, if you ask your customers about your service and they tell you that there is something that you should change, be smart and make that change, then let them know its been done, no easier way to turn a wow, into a whatever, by not following through.

However you do it, communication is the best way to build customer loyalty and subsequently increase sales.

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Number Two, Use Social Media Effectively

Social media is a vast resource that is often underused or just poorly used. If you are looking for an increase in sales, this may be the perfect time to reevaluate your current social strategy.

Are you just posting links or memes on your page, well don't, do something more interesting, be active, do Livestreaming, ask questions, whatever, just be present. Engage people and answer messages and comments. If you have to, give up your personal FB profile and post on the company page, sure, your food pics probably won't interest your audience, but maybe thoughts on your industry, behind the scenes info, that may be a little more engaging than just a link to something random.

Just because you spend all day, every day doing your job, you may not thing it's very interesting, but others might.. try it out, adding a personality to your brand, may present your business with a difference.

Is there anything you can do better or anything new you can introduce? The answer to those questions is always going to be yes.

That personality, that's what can drive your sales, it gives a face to the company, it shows you are real and that you are there, and when people think... well, I could get that widget from x, or I could buy it from Ben, because I feel I have some relationship with him. THAT, that is why you need to be engaged, that relationship needs to be real, you are going to get more sales.

Number Three, Promote Wisely

Often only a small discount or a free offer will spark consumer attention, if promoted effectively. There are a lot of ways you can tailor your message to help the sale, like Creating a sense of urgency with a limited time offer. Bundling products and services to create value for money, while selling more at the same time. There are lots of strategies for promotion, and I may do a video about it later, but remain flexible when bundling, so that customers can pick and choose the products and services that apply to them.

And be sure to, set clear goals and targets for the most effective results.

Some things to be aware of though, it's always better to value-add in a promotion, if you are in a competitive niche you can end up in a race to the bottom, and that's going to kill that bottom line. In a worse case, you can position your brand as a discount option, and that will make any attempt to generate full revenue from your products, very hard.

If you are regularly promoting, there is a risk that you can make an audience, that will hang out until the next promotion before buying your products, why get it at full price when I can wait a week or two, till you do a promotion again.

All that said, discounts will usually move units... services not so much.

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Number Four, Be Competitive

Lastly, if you want to increase sales, look at your competition, actually if you're going to be good in your business, you should be able to list out your closest competitors. You may say well, I'm in a super narrow niche, so I don't have competitors, but it's not who you think is your competition, its who your customers think are your competitors, as that's where they will go if you suck.

What makes YOUR product or service stand out, what problems do YOU solve, and who do you solve them for? Once you have an answer or ten, make sure your potential customers know it too.

Beating the competition doesn’t necessarily mean lowering your price. If you have a superior product or service, make sure your customers know why.

Proven value is more important than any price tag.

Look, There’s no one way to increase sales, but today I've covered the 4 easiest to implement and continue working on, strategies to get you started. Maintain excellent customer relationships, use social media effectively, promote wisely and be competitive.  If you cover these four bases, with your customer’s best interests at heart, you’ll be on your way to increased sales.

Do you have any strategies that have worked for you, that I didn't cover? Let me know in the comments below and we can have a little chatty watty.