In this increasingly connected world, it is hard for anyone looking to sell online not to take advantage of the many channels available. Online platforms allow users to reach a wider audience and new customers pocket. And while there is no shortage of places to sell your products, choosing one that suits your brand to enhance your reach may be a little tasking.

Social media provides a fantastic platform for businesses to get people to pay attention to their companies and build relationships that could lead to sales. If you approach it the right way, you can make connections that could be crucial to your business’s growth and success.

Here are a few tips for selling locally on social media platforms:

Choose the most relevant social network for your brand

When trying to sell locally, it is easy to getcaught up in the next big social network. But the actual winners of social selling are those who are active on the same platform as their target market. So, take the time to identify the platforms that match your potential customer.

Familiarity breeds likability

When starting to sell locally on social media, you do not want to come on like a gangbuster. This will only rub people the wrong way. Avoid something blatant like “can I sell you something” message.

The best way to go about it is by starting cool and then gradually warm up. Start by tweeting potential clients thoughtfully, comment on their blog post or compliment something they have written.

Become familiar to your target clients, and even if they do not respond to you immediately, there is a high likelihood that they will engage in the future. The more people see you, the more they like you. This is especially true if you give them informative content that adds value to their lives.

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Be brave

One of the main reasons why people do not reach out online is because they fear that they could make the other person angry, that they will say no or that they will not respond. The truth of the matter is, most consumers think that salespeople do not reach out enough.

Let your personality shine through

People only build relationships with people they like. When trying to sell locally on social media platforms, you need to build relationships. And the best way of doing that is by letting your personality shine. Always remember that boring is forgettable while personality is memorable. Social media outlets provide the best place for you to be yourself.

Get local testimonials

If you have served customers in your geographical area, then getting a review or a testimonial from them could go a long way. According to a research study by Yodle, 75% of consumers said that they relied heavily on online reviews as a source of evaluating the quality of their local business.

Use Local Language

One of the best ways of localizing your ads is by speaking like them. The more you talk like a local when directly targeting them, the more receptive they will be. In addition to using local specific words when making ads, consider using the local lingo. However, be sure not to overuse it as some customers may find the overuse of slang annoying.

Here are five social media networks you can use to sell locally:


Twitter is one of the best places to build a presence or your business. You can post videos, links, images or even create text to Twitter. On this platform, you are highly advised to avoid the hard sell, but rather, engage your followers by asking questing, giving feedback and posting helpful information.

Google Plus

Google plus connects you with people who are interested in the same things as you. Therefore, you need to create relevant, engaging content that will get the attention of your target audience.


This is a relatively new platform for businesses to participate in online conversations. It allows companies to showcase their products and services. A business can still share updates, expand their products and service assortment as well as get in front of potential clients.


This is the 2nd largest search engine in the world and one of the places every business should be. Whether you are a plumber or an accountant, YouTube is the place to be. Take some time to create videos that entertain, enlighten and educate your audience. However, you should avoid hard selling but instead give your customers and prospects something free and of great value that they will remember you for.