Today, more and more businesses are leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) through the use of chatbots to deliver great customer experience to their target audience. Businesses are adopting the use of chatbots to tap into the millennial's need for instant gratification and need for familiar and fast communication platform where they can get instant, and accurate responses.

According to various surveys, 60% of millennials have used chatbots with 70% of them reporting positive experiences. For those who haven't used them yet, more than 50% of them say they are interested in using bots. As a business, it is crucial that you understand what makes chatbots so appealing to millennials. This way, you can use this information to create a tailored bot for your business. Here is how chatbots feed into millennials' need for instant gratification

They provide instant gratification

The significant improvements in technology over the past 20 years, have turned us into an “I want it Now”society. Today's consumers, especially the millennials, have developed a growing need for instant gratification, which has been steered by modern technology. Instead of reading a manual or interacting with a human being, they would rather chat with Google or Alexa to get help or information. This generation prefers bots because they have the capability to provide instant responses that millennials crave.

As a brand, you only have a few minutes to get millennials interested and motivated to take action. Chatbot’s feed into this attribute by providing immediate answers as opposed to sending emails or picking up the phone to call the company. They provide an excellent channel for good customer services especially because they are automated and therefore provides answers in a flash, just like millennials want.

They leverage the power of conversation

Millennials are always in a constant state of communication so that if they are not chatting, they are sharing Insta Stories, tweeting, or even checking the news.this can be attested by Facebook whose recent report indicated that millennials spend approximately 26 hours weekly on their messaging app than on any other platform.

Therefore, it only makes sense that brands create chatbots to meet their largest consumer group in places where they spend a good portion of their time. Chatbots tap into this by communication in a casual but conversational way. Fortunately, these bots can be integrated into platforms that millennials are already familiar with.

They provide technical and lifestyle convenience

Millennials are used to being connected at all times. This way, if they need to get some information, buy something or chat with a friend, all they need to do is click and they are good to go.

Today, bots have been designed to work seamlessly with these apps to provide technical and lifestyle convenience. They can be used to seek information online, book hotels, or even check availability which is really convenient for the millennial that loves everything the palm of their hands.

Satisfies the need to engage with emerging technology

The millennials are a generation that loves staying ahead of the digital revolution. They are a generation that doesn't mind waiting several hours in line just to get the latest phone or game release. They embrace new technology and always want to be the first to lay their hands on the latest gadgets.

Since chatbots are driven by artificial intelligence, a technology that relies on human interaction to grow and improve, millennials love the influence they have just by using this technology. This, in turn, plays into their need for instant gratification as the more a bot can learn about their needs and preferences, the more quickly they can provide the desired, instantaneous response.

It's obvious that brands are taking notice of chatbots and the effect they have on customer service. Unlike before when chatbots were only limited to ordering something online or checking sports, today, even the relatively conservative industries are starting to embrace the use of chatbots. A great example is a financial industry that has embraced the use of bots with Capital One testing Eno, a bot that provides customers with information on account due dates and allows them to make payments.

As a business, when catering to the millennial generation, you need to ensure your chatbot solves problems and completes tasks fast and successfully.