For you to run a successful drop shipping business, you need to build a standard e-commerce website. Your primary job is to sell other peoples products on your site before taking your share of profit. We will guide you through the critical steps of creating a drop shipping website. While our main focus will be on creating a site on Amazon and selling Amazon products, the steps we will cover can be applied to building a drop shipping website with any retailer’s merchandise.

Register a Unique Domain Name

You will need to look for an unforgettable, brand-able and short name. Preferably, add a short filler word or syllable to your primary keyword phrase. For instance, if your main keyword phrase is “bridal dresses,” A good example of a domain name would be,,, and so on.

Once you have chosen an ideal domain name, register it at approximately $10 per year. Some highly recommended domain registrars include GoDaddy and NameCheap. These are quite affordable, and offer solid support in case of post-purchase issues.

Web Hosting Setup

Web hosting is more like the house you store lives in. There are hundreds, if not thousands of different hosting providers. Note that choosing the right domain is crucial to the success of your business. Some of the best hosting service providers include HostGator and NameCheap.

How to set up web hosting with HostGator:
• Visit and choose a preferred plan
• Click on the “I already own this domain” and enter your domain name
• Choose your billing information

Install WordPress

Once you have successfully set up your hosting with HostGator, you will receive two emails.

• Open the second email to access your Control Panel
• Locate the C Panel dashboard and click on the WordPress icon to install WordPress on your website.
• Click on the free WordPress install and fill all the required options
• You will be notified that your install is complete
• Reset your WordPress password login details by clicking on “my install.”

Get a Compatible WordPress Theme

A theme controls what visitors to your website see. It controls the design and output of your store. Your goal here is to adopt a theme that does not produce pages that are distorted and ugly. You also need a theme that is versatile and can be updated and customized to help you achieve the website you want.

Some compatible WordPress themes include:

• WooThemes: This is well-made and syncs well with WooCommerce

• Twenty-Twelve: This is a WordPress theme that is free, robust and may be extended by setting up a Child Theme

• Genesis: This is a great theme that lets you add some important theme functionalities such as syncing across all types of plugins, adding content to pages, allowing you to make design changes easily without affecting your whole store

Install the Necessary Plugins

There are many plugin options that can help turn your WordPress website into an e-commerce store. Some of the most common plugins include;

• WooCommerce: This is the first plugin you will need. It has the functionality, ease of use, community, reputation, and versatility to become a long-term choice for an e-commerce plugin. It is also search engine optimization friendly.

• WooCommerce Amazon Associates: This is the second plugin that you will need. Its main function is to help you quickly and effortlessly pull niche products from Amazon to load them into your website. This plugin is extremely powerful. A single license enables you to use the plugin for any Amazon website you have.

• SEO by Yoast: This plugin will help you to share your website on social media platforms.

Create an Amazon site
Once you are set up as a certified affiliate on Amazon or any other top retailer in your niche, you will need to add niche products to your store. Try as much as possible to make your store look like a standard e-commerce store by placing the “Add to Cart” button, Buy at “” or “Buy Now” button that links to the particular product on Amazon. Also make sure to include a home page, Shop by price pages, category pages, subcategory pages, and brand pages.

There is a lot that goes into building an effective dropshipping website. However, with this information and a strong drive for success, you can start your own eCommerce website from scratch. So do not hold off on starting your drop shipping business. Now, more than ever is the best time to get started!