What kind of a relationship do you have with your customers? Do you only interact when making a transaction or is there any special bond that exists between you and them? In this competitive business arena, customer relationship matters. You can outdo your competitors by just having a cordial relationship with your customers.

A study conducted by the White House Office Consumer Affairs revealed that at least 80% of the American consumers wouldn’t hesitate to pay more just to get a better customer experience. Is there any unique point that you can get from this research? In simpler terms, the study tells us that in most instances, customer experience supersedes the pricing factor.

You don’t need years of training to establish a good relationship with your customers. Here are surefire tactics that you can use to build strong relationships with customers.

1. Effective Communication

Proper communication is the building block of any successful relationship-including customer relationship. When it comes to communication, you need to ask yourself these questions:

  • How often do you communicate with your customers?
  • What do you talk about?
  • What is the nature of your communication?

Communication is not all about narrating to your customers what your business deals with and why you are best suited to serve their interests. You should be able to engage with them and evoke their emotions. Forget about training your sales representatives to memorize some sales pitch or catchy phrases. The communication should happen naturally.

Men talking in the cold

2. Study Your Customer

While it is possible to build a relationship with a stranger, it may take you some time before you become close to one another. The easiest way of connecting with your customers is by studying them. Try to collect simple details such as their names and preferences. Some of the tricks of learning about a customer include extending your conversation, even after the transaction and checking out their social media platforms. You can then use the information to improve the customer experience.

3. Listen and respond to Customer Complaints

As a business, you are not 100% perfect. Occasionally, you will be receiving complaints from customers expressing their dissatisfaction with the quality of your goods or services. Others may complain about the cold treatment that they got from your employees. Complaints should not put you down. Instead, use them to redeem the image of your company.

Provide a platform where customers can channel their complaints, apologize for each issue that is raised and act on it.

4. Build Trust with your Customers

A relationship that is built on trust prospers. If you are in any romantic relationship, you know how mistrust can ruin everything that you have built. The same applies to customer relationships. Strive to win their trust and everything concerning your relationship will fall into the right place. Simple actions such as being honest in all of your dealings and revving your competence can win the trust of your customers. Lying and using underhand tactics will only scare them from you.

5. Exceed their expectations

There is a certain level of performance that customers expect from you. They want you to deliver quality goods and exemplary performance. Rather than just performing averagely, try to raise your standards. Give them something better than what they are used to, and they will be overwhelmed and won’t think twice to establish a relationship with you.

Raising the bar can mean timely delivery, improved packaging or providing unique after-sales services. In other words, promise to under deliver, then over deliver.

6. Connect with them online

You can take advantage of various digital platforms to connect and engage with your customers. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, and have some good engagement. Do not be too formal in your conversations. Try to include some jokes and anything else that can reveal your human side. Your talk should also be a two-way rather than question and answer session.

7. Appreciate your customers

Your current customers chose your business over many others. Do not take them for granted. Always try to show them some level of appreciation. This can happen in the form of loyalty programs and discount offers. You can also appreciate their loyalty with some giveaways such as branded pens, T-shirts, notebooks among other inexpensive items.

You cannot afford to lose a customer just because of a poor relationship. Try out these seven tips to strengthen your relationship with your customers.