While Black Friday is huge for retail businesses, different stores take advantage of it in different measures. There are two factors that determine how stores capitalize on Black Friday:

Email Marketing

e-Commerce stores that perform extremely well during the Black Friday week are managed by people who recognize the power of email marketing. As they edge closer to the Black Friday week, these shops send out enticing emails to customers.

The emails are usually loaded with great deals such that consumers just can’t help themselves. And since shoppers anticipate such offers on Black Friday, they are usually ready to spend big.

The best performing stores that use email marketing strategically receive 10 times the traffic they’d get in a regular week.

Average performing e-Commerce stores don’t do badly either. They receive 4 times the traffic they’d generate on a regular week. This is still a great performance, though they could do better if they played their cards right.

Google Ad words

Paid search is another significant factor that contributes to the astounding sales on Black Fridays. On an ordinary week, the paid search could still be an effective marketing tool. Now, how about when consumers are in the mood to spend? Paid Ads are likely to attract more traffic.

The ROI of paid search hits the roof during the Black Friday week. The best performing stores enjoy an average increase of about 419% in traffic and the good thing is that they only raise their budget by 22 % to get such incredible results.

According to Google trends, during the last week of November, the term ‘Black Friday Deals’ is increasingly used in ads. This typically happens around this time of the month every year. What does this mean for retailers? It means that using Google Adwords during this time is a brilliant idea. It’s exactly what your store needs to hit a record high in sales every year.

So long as people will be looking for your products during Black Friday week, you'll need to provide them. Also, you have to put more effort into enticing consumers.

One of the best ways to attract customers is to use lots of Black Friday terms in your ads. People will undoubtedly be eager to see the kind of offers you have in store for them. And when they click on your offers, they’d better not be disappointed. Therefore, you have to come up with deals that your audience will love.

Best practices during Black Friday

One of the best Black Friday practices is to ensure that you are prepared for this brief but important period. To capitalize on the opportunities presented by this week, you have to send out your best deals to the people on your email list.

If you prefer the paid search, you should create well-coiffed ads for this period.

The ads that you use regularly may not make the cut. So, you need to incorporate terms that coincide with the term ‘Black Friday’ in your ads.

Invest in the right kind of advertisement. It is imperative that you promote your store in the most relevant way during this time. This is not your ordinary week, so you have to do all that it takes to capitalize on it. If it means that you increase your marketing budget slightly, then do so.

Whenever the Black Friday period is approaching, you have to be ready. This is a period that favors your e-Commerce stores like no other. Besides that, you are supposed to generate over 20% of your annual revenue in just a few weeks. Shoppers anxiously wait for great deals from you during this particular time, so you better not let them down.

Also, make sure that your Google Adwords are endowed with terms like ‘Black Friday’ and ‘promotions’ as well as relevant products to help you make the most out of it.