Google is designed in a way that you can use it to do just about anything you want. It also keeps evolving and developing, which allows users to complete various tasks with utmost ease.

Besides watching videos, writing notes and sending emails, you can now create a Quiz with Google forms. In fact, this is a simple, quick exercise that you can finish up in just 5 minutes.

There is a myriad of reasons why you might want to create a Quiz. For instance, you may want to create a questionnaire for your customers to help you collect feedback on your business. Also, if you are a teacher, you undoubtedly get involved in creating Quizzes frequently.

So, how do you create a Quiz with Google forms in 5 minutes?

Sign into your Google account and go to Google forms

Simply open Google forms and click on “start a new form”. Tap on the settings option where you will see a few options. Then, click on “Quizzes.”

You will see an option labelled “make this a Quiz”. Tap on it and save the changes.

Name and email

Give your Quiz a name and key in your preferred email address, which will be used to send you the relevant data.

Quiz Answer Suggestions

Now, begin typing in the questions. You will see a new feature labelled “Quiz Answer Suggestions.”

This feature is extremely helpful in suggesting possible answers to your questions. If you are satisfied with the suggested answer, press the enter key. This will add each answer automatically in the correct order.

As you proceed, you will see an optional area that allows you to create an input for answer feedback as well as the incorrect answer. Depending on your preference, you can either add your answer feedback or carry on.

If you want to customize the theme on your Quiz, click on the theme options displayed on the page and choose your preferred colour and font.

Multiple Choices Answers

You might want your questions to be in multiple choices as it's possible to grid your answers in the answer key. To do this, go to the plus sign on to the right of your multiple choice option, and tap on it to add a question to your Quiz.

Once you are through with the above steps and have already entered your Quiz title, it is time to open your Quiz in view mode. Adjust it to suit your liking, then use a separate tab to view it. You can do this by clicking the visible eye icon on the toolbar.

You can confirm whether the Quiz runs properly to help you identify any kind of problems that you may have made while creating it.

On the editing tab of your Quiz, click on the response. This will allow you to see the responses you keyed in while counter checking your Quiz.

After you are satisfied with the Quiz, you can now email it to anyone you want.

Additional Features

The new features on the Google forms are intelligently created by Google to save time for anybody who wants to create a Quiz. Google is dedicated to creating extremely useful and interactive features that the users will not just enjoy using, but also create a quality Quiz.

While creating a Quiz, you will notice that the creators at Google have gone out of their way to incorporate extras that will allow teachers add YouTube videos so that their students can relate to the topic even much better.

Google continues with its innovative journey to offer solutions that enable people to carry out day to day tasks on their computers.  If you are a company in need of conducting a survey, or a teacher who is occasionally tasked with creating a Quiz for their students, do not shy away from using this incredible Google product. It is fun and easy to use.