If you are having trouble drawing in fresh customers, it is time to fix your sales funnel. Not being able to bring in new customers will put you out of business sooner than later. Other than lead generation, companies also need to devise ways to convert these leads into paying customers. Being able to identify the problem in your sales funnel will ensure that a good number of your leads go on to make a purchase and become lifelong repeat customers.

How to fix my sales

Identify the problem

There are many reasons why your funnel may need fixing– from spam filters to you not nurturing your leads long enough. The problem might also be simply that you are missing the mark. Instead of jumping to premature conclusions, take the time to dig through your analytics and then make a decision based on the data and not just pure assumption.

Step back into the pipeline as it feeds your funnel and ultimately the sales team. How does your pipeline look like? Is it thriving and robust? Is it full of leads and doing fine in the various stages of the sales process? Does the pipeline promise to meet your sales goals, or is it just limping along with stalled opportunities, poor leads, and few closes?

Once you have identified the reasons behind your unhealthy pipeline, you can begin figuring out ways to remedy them.

Here are leaks that may be killing your funnel and how to fix them:

1. Inadequate traffic: The traffic you bring in is the core of your sales funnels. Without new visitors to your pages or blog, you will have no subscribers, and without subscribers, you will have no or meager sales. Ultimately, without sales, you will have no business. This is one of the areas where a lot of companies fail. So how can you attract more eyes and subscribers to your content and into your sales funnel?

Fix! First, start by using good SEO to have search engines rank your business and content well. Make sure you are present and proactive in places where your target market hangs out, be it on social media, live events or in niche forums. You can also use paid advertisements to drive target traffic to vastly relevant pages on your site.

2. No follow-up: Lack of follow-up is one of the most common sales funnel mistakes many entrepreneurs make. Business owners spend a good portion of their time and energy driving traffic to their funnel, delivering goods and nothing more. This trend of not following up with your subscribers with offers to buy more, offering other related products/ services or even follow up emails can negatively affect your sales funnel.

How can you fix it? Before spending your time building that opt-in page or offer, ensure you have a reliable back-end to promote it. Otherwise, those subscribers you have carefully accumulated will end up costing you more money instead of generating sales.

3. No call-to-action: This often happens at the top of the sales funnel. If your blog posts, podcasts, social media content or YouTube videos do not have a call-to-action, it is all simply wasted energy. Regardless of how simple your call to action is, it needs to be there.

How can I fix it? Whenever you send out an email or write a blog post, ask yourself what you want your readers to do after reading, watching /listening to it. Whatever answer you get, that is your call to action. Do not be afraid to ask potential clients to take action. Additionally, you should not be afraid to make offers for your products or services directly. Putting out weekly blog posts is great. However, you will not generate revenue if you do not ask people to buy or make offers.

4. No product to offer: This is a common problem among businesses that are just starting out. When most companies are starting out, they do not have anything to offer the subscribers and see no need to build a mailing list since they will not be able to generate any revenue. The truth is that there are multiple ways to generate revenue in your sales funnel even when you do not have a product or service to sell.

How can I fix it? You can begin by promoting affiliate offers. Regardless of what business you are in, there are plenty of tools, products, and information that your readers need. Find out what these things are and then sign up for multiple affiliate programs and recommend them to your readers. Make sure your reviews are thorough and not just to make money.