The marketing and advertising environment is getting increasingly complicated. This has made it difficult and confusing for realtors to identify where and how to generate leads that convert.

Fortunately, we are chalk full of excellent lead generation ideas for real estate. Here are 6 lead generation tips to help spice up your pipeline.

Content marketing

The production of exceptionally optimized content is core to generating qualified leads. You need to come up with a consistent plan that will enable you to reach your goals. A strategic lead generation plan focuses on creating and dispensing valuable, appropriate and consistent content to appeal to new leads and retain the old ones.

Real estate is a content wealthy industry. Hence, take the time to create enriching content. Use images, films, articles, and virtual tours to train and delight your audience. This will help to increase your leads as well as income.

Cold call expired list owners

We realized that cold calling expired listings from 6 months or a year back is often more effective than going after those that just expired the night before. Why? A listing that expired a day or week ago is still feeling overwhelmed and frustrated about the entire process and calls from a thousand and one agents. However, a listing that expired in 3 or more months ago is much more receptive to your calls. Also, chances are, other agents have forgotten about them, giving you a better chance of converting them into sales.

Open Houses

Now, this is the grandfather of real estate lead generation and conversion. Open houses are the easiest and most affordable ways to get quality leads in front of you. Still, most real estate agents miss the boat by just focusing on selling the property. Although your main aim for an open house is to get the best deal for the house, you should also use this chance to find other buyers or sellers you can represent in the future as well as build a network of leads.

Most of the buyers, or soon to be buyers, that drop in to see the house usually do not have agents. Hence, open houses provide the perfect place to introduce yourself and offer to help them navigate the market. This will also help you build authority.

Start a blog

Today, most of the people looking to sell or buy homes start their search on Google to gather as much information as they need about the neighbourhood they want to move into. You can win these prospects if you have an optimized website that is packed with information on your area and tips on how to buy or sell houses. One of the best ways to do this is by starting a blog and keeping it up to date with all the relevant information.

Write blog posts about the schools, restaurants, and businesses in your area and any other thing a prospective buyer would want to know. Also, include information on how to maintain a property, or how to do little fixes that will increase curb appeal, and any other important thing a seller may need to know. Creating a valuable blog will help you become the authority in your area, making you the go-to person whenever someone really needs to buy or sell.

Send email newsletters

Drip marketing is a great lead generation program that allows you to make light contact with your prospects as opposed to bombarding them with information. An email newsletter is a great way to provide little bits of information to prospects that they can use at their leisure. When creating these email newsletters, consider including previews of the new houses, schools or developments in the area and link back to old blog posts. You can also provide videos of the community.

If you are using an efficient email service provider, they will help you track all the traffic to these newsletters and their open rates. This information will help you to determine the kind of content that is working and the one that is not. When creating email newsletters, you have the option to create diverse versions of it for a different audience of leads. You can have information about financing, starter homes for your younger buyers, smaller houses for people looking to downsize and bigger homes for growing families.

These are just some of the few ways real estate agents are generating leads. If you dedicate your time and effort to these tips, you will achieve real leads.