How to generate sales leads – This is the key to the Kingdom of wealth for any company with an online presence.
Below we will give four ideas on how to increase sales generation. Each one you implement should then be carefully monitored to see how effective they are for your company in the sector you are looking to thrive in. From there you can prioritise, hone and develop the ones that are generating the most significant sales leads.

Upselling is the art of interesting an existing or potential customer in purchasing a version of your product that has slightly more ‘bells and whistles’ on than your standard offering.

What is more, upselling is seen to be far more effective than cross-selling for those with online operations. Of course, to upsell there needs to be something attractive to the potential buyer, and this is where you need to make it crystal clear exactly what they will be getting for that extra outlay of cash.

It is common for customers to be unaware that different versions of the product are available, or they simply need convincing that a product from the same range with more to it will better fit their needs.

Don’t be shy, indeed, be bold, make it known what the differences are, but before doing so there must be a practical difference. Don’t try to hoodwink the potential buyer, remember they will already have an anchor price in mind.

To persuade them to spend that little extra you need to offer extra. In short, the upgraded product you are trying to upsell really must be better than the original.

Implement Instagram:Getting your Instagram integration correct is an excellent way to increase sales lead generation. The average order value through Instagram marketing is the 2nd highest on the social media platform (Polyvore is only slightly ahead). It also offers greater brand engagement with customers than other social media platforms. Building a big following on Instagram means in-depth research and analysis, using the correct, most effective hashtags, implementing appropriate filters and just as importantly, ensuring your postings go out at the right times.

While it may sound obvious, the key to mastery of Instagram marketing is to maximise engagement with users. The more followers of your products and services you can attain the stronger your chances of increasing those all-important sales.

A highly effective way to do this is through user-generated photos. These are snaps showing existing customers using your products.
If your portfolio of user-generated photos is currently short on the ground, consider running a contest with prizes or discount coupons for the best user-generated photos received (make sure entrants agree to these pictures being used in future promotions).

This is social proof at its best. Prospective customers will feel far more comfortable seeing regular people like themselves using your product and don’t forget to include a highly visible ‘share’ button where those who post photos can quickly send such photos to friends and contacts.

Consider the launch of a Facebook store:
Facebook may not offer the highest average sale values per customer, but it is the medium that takes the lion’s share of customer orders in the social media marketing sphere.
Setting up a Facebook Store is relatively straightforward, and with the use of integration tools, you should be able to keep a single inventory tracking system for your ‘main’ online shop rather than separate ones.

Surely it makes sense to offer the ability for visitors to the world’s largest social media platform to buy directly from there, and from there means specifically from you.

Remember, it is the customer experience that counts and what could be more convenient than shopping in a well-designed, easy-to-use Facebook store.

Abandoned carts need re-claiming:This is one of the biggest problems affecting online stores. Don’t worry you are not alone! An astonishing number of customers abandon their carts before completing check-out. This matter is for discussion in-depth, but two things that can be carried out to reduce cart abandonment are:

  • Enhancing your chat agent intervention: Focus on lowering chat response thresholds for any customer that appears to be hesitating as they close-in on payment, as well as for those who have tried, but failed to make payment. By doing so you are showing how attentive you are, you are assisting and ‘hand-holding’ the customer with any check-out problems, and just as importantly you are showing them that their business is important to you.
  • E-mail recovery plan: Implement an automated e-mail recovery plan that kicks-in when anyone abandons a cart. The e-mail should be appealing, catch attention and be persuasive. It must include a link for the customer to click that will take them right back to where they were before abandonment. Once someone who has abandoned their cart clicks on this link, there is a good chance they will complete check-out.

A never-ending challenge:Devising ways to generate sales leads continually is a never-ending challenge, but it is one that needs to be focused on and met with enthusiasm and ingenuity. By continuing to steal a march on your competitors, you will see an increase in sales generation and a growing online reputation.