Everybody and their Grandma is on Social Media these days, and for a business, it’s important to be where the people are. But in order to use Social Media effectively, you need a plan.

My name is Benjamin, this is Adsoup Insights, and today I’ll be talking about How to Start A Social Media Plan

A strong social media plan includes everything you plan to do with your brand on social media. It will outline who your audience is and how they use social. It will also set clear goals and spell out what you will do to promote your brand and interact with your audience.

I’ll take you through the set up starting with -

Step One, Research Your Audience

A plan won’t do any good unless you understand your audience. This is especially true for South East Asia where the market is highly fragmented. Use analytics tools and read up on how your audience is using social media. Then, listen in!

The app-based rickshaw service “Jugnoo” credited Facebook analytics for a 40% drop in their cost per referral. Doing the research pays off!

Step Two, Set Goals.

Unlike a personal account, your business account should be created with a strategy in mind.

The goal may be different for each social platform. For example, Facebook is a great place to generate leads through forms and ads. Snapchat, on the other hand, might be used to raise brand awareness with a themed filter.

When choosing which social media platforms you’ll be using, consider how much time you can dedicate to each. Plan for at least an hour a day for each social network and then adjust as necessary.  Also, consider your available resources. Don’t choose YouTube if you don’t have the capacity to produce high-quality videos.

When it comes to social media channels, quality comes before quantity. You don’t have to be on every channel.  Publishing quality content on one platform is better than mediocre content on 5.

Step Three, Plan Content and Set Tasks

Now it’s time to plan your posts and set tasks according to your goals and research. Set a timeline for everything. Decide how many times you’ll post to each social network each day, week, and month and make use of scheduling tools like Hootsuite or Buffer.
This step is the most practical part of your social media plan. Once you have this it’s time for –  

Step Four, Execute and Adjust

It’s showtime! Start creating, posting and interacting. Never forget to put the social in social media and constantly interact with your audience along the way.
This matters for some platforms more than others. For example, Line is all about engagement. Over 90% of smartphone users in Japan have Line and most of them are using it constantly. The nature of this app is lighthearted and ever-changing, so your plan is likely more fluid.

You may be surprised by where the conversation goes, but always be ready to adapt your plan.

When setting up a social media plan it’s important to know your audience. Identify your goals from the start and from there, plan a course of action. Always be ready to adapt, and have fun!

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