Twitter is a powerful marketing tool for businesses when used correctly. It can solidify your brand, build networks with your prospects and generate qualified leads. Still, many enterprises are puzzled about how to increase their Twitter following.

Growing your Twitter base is an important and an excellent way to get more people to your content. The bigger your Twitter following, the more opportunities for engagement you get and the more authoritative your brand looks at social media. On a social network as crowded and as noisy as Twitter, there are various things you need to do to make people feel obliged enough to follow you.

Sharing amazing content

Among the biggest mistakes that people and businesses alike make on social media is sharing bland or wrong content. Creating and sharing quality content is a great way to get more followers on Twitter. Remember, if you are not posting anything worth reading, people will not see the need follow you. The first thing you need to do is to figure out who is your target audience. This will help you know the type of content they want to see as well as aid you in creating a robust Twitter marketing strategy.

Be ready to network and engage

Building relationships and establishing connections is another great and easy way to build your twitter following. All it needs is a little more time and effort. Dedicate at least half an hour each day to engage with new people either by liking their posts, replying to their tweets, or just retweeting them.

Your aim is for them to notice your presence while you provide them with valuable information. It is essential for you to note that engagement is not a one-time thing.

Liking someone’s post once and never interacting with them again will not have a significant impact. So, your goal is to form meaningful relationships and connections with these people so that they will remember your brand or even use it when the time comes.

Optimize your Twitter bio

When it comes to growing your following on Twitter, it is all about having a nice profile and being likable. Anyone who wants to find out about you will inevitably visit your twitter bio. Therefore, make sure that it is complete, done professionally and interestingly enough, to represent you and your business as well as urge the user to follow you. Upgrade your avatar so that people can get an up-close view of your face and your personality.

Share content frequently

Going back to the benefits of quality content, consider increasing the frequency of how often you tweet. The more you tweet, the more chances you have to be noticed. Information moves quickly through Twitter. Therefore, posting two tweets in 24 hours does not cut it. If you want to gain substantial followers, increase your tweeting frequency and do it consistently. Avoid taking long periods of time in between tweets before posting anything.

When planning your tweeting schedule, know that quality is paramount. If you send out 30 tweets a day and half of them are irrelevant or garbage, it will reflect on your brand, making it look bad. Tweet frequency is also very important as it shows people that you are active.

Promote your twitter account

Make sure to tag your twitter username on all your marketing materials. Whether it is your website, business cards, brochures, your other social media pages, make sure to market your Twitter account on all these platforms. If by any chance you get media mentions or do guest blogging, make sure to promote your Twitter profile. This is an excellent way to grow your Twitter following as the backlinks can boost your SEO and fetch more traffic your way.

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When doing guest blogging, most sites allow you to add a link to your Twitter account. This link is compelling because if someone finds your content to be entertaining and informative, there is a high chance that they will share it with their friends and family and even follow you. More interestingly, these family members and friends may follow you as well.

Getting more followers on Twitter is all about creating informative and engaging content. And while it will not happen overnight, with consistency and a little effort, you will see your numbers grow in no time.