Before you can make the sale, you have to get your foot in the door, but sometimes that’s the hardest part.

My name is Benjamin, this is Adsoup Insights, and today I’ll be talking about how to Book A Sales Appointment with a Customer.

In today’s fast-paced Internet culture, it can be hard to get face time with a potential customer.

The best strategy to book an appointment is to demonstrate that you can offer solutions in an easy and time efficient way.

Get started with - Number 1, Do Your Research

With the entire Internet at your disposal, there’s no excuse for using a cookie cutter pitch to try to secure a sales meeting! Research your customer ahead of time to inform your position. Do a simple Google search, visit your client’s website or refer to your CRM history.

70% of people say they make a purchase in order to solve a problem. If you can identify your customers’ problem ahead of time, you are much more likely to book an appointment with them in order to solve it.

Use your research to demonstrate how a sales appointment will provide value to your customer and not just to yourself.

Number 2, Define The Time

Identify how much of your customers’ time you actually need, as well as how this time will be used. This minimises anxiety by reducing the level of commitment being requested, and also shows that you are prepared.

Stick to the schedule and respect the clock, even if you find you have more to say. If you have used the meeting time wisely, it should be easy to lock down a second meeting. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t make the sale on the first appointment. Each time you meet, you are building trust and creating a value-based relationship.

Number 3, Make It Easy

Your customers are busy and maybe a traditional face-to-face meeting isn’t the best option. That’s ok! Once you’ve received a commitment, remain flexible and make meeting as easy as possible.

First, assume the role of coordinator. Take the lead on scheduling and be ready to offer alternate venues such as a video chat or conference line. Use a calendar invite or email reminder to double confirm the sales appointment and make it easy to reschedule if necessary. Being efficient and helpful will give your potential customers a positive preview of what it would be like to work with you.

Making a sales appointment is a challenging and important part of the purchasing process. As always, it is so important to provide value to your customers. Do your research to show that you have answers to your customers’ problems. Respect people’s time by setting a time limit and using it effectively. Use all the tools at your disposal to make the appointment as easy as possible.
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