Internet marketing offers an extremely interesting and varied profession that demands a person learns, understands and continually develops the required skill-set. It is certainly not a job that is for everyone but for those who take to it there will be challenges and achievements day in and day out.

Here are some major requirements and assets that need to be understood and built on for those looking to reach the top of the tree in the interesting field of work:
Moving at the speed of light:
Online Marketing moves at the speed of light. This means you must possess the ability to keep up with developments, current trends and marketing news. You should be prepared, able and willing to act independently and be relentless in your creativity.

Take a holistic view:
When looking to understand, implement and develop your marketing expertise it is important to view the whole process as holistic. Viewing marketing processes from start to finish will give a far better foundation to your marketing initiatives rather than looking at it simply from an individual campaign point of view.

Customers, prospects and partners – Your business lifeblood:
Your online strategy needs to be centred and built around existing customers, potential customers and partners. While this may be challenging it is a must. Here are 3 things that will help achieve this:

  • What do your customers want?
  • Building personal connections that are scalable
  • Craft customer value propositions that are presented in such a way as to funnel back to ROI

Building a framework that is built to last:
Those marketers who simply think in terms of campaigns will not achieve full benefits for themselves or their customer base. Those who think of marketing in terms of growth frameworks will.
Rather than shallow branding, you need to use marketing to form the basis of a sustainable, revenue-building engine for your brand, services and products. To do this you need to understand and educate yourself on what metrics are available and which most suit your needs for building a solid revenue stream.

Brand story development:
To interest people in why your brand is the right one for them, you need to provide them with an interesting, compelling story. This will go a long way to building customer connections. Producing details of your company’s story and then continuing to cultivate it is an excellent way to build a customer base and retain customers.

Understanding traffic acquisition:
You can build amazing, informative sites filled with seductive marketing initiatives, but if you are not receiving traffic your business growth will at best remain static and at worst stagnate. An essential part of the online marketing curve is to understand the fundamentals of traffic acquisition and the ways in which free and paid traffic acquisition frameworks can be best utilised to bring visitors to your website.

Speedcurve Performance Analytics

Optimise conversion opportunities:
While it is vital to get visitors to your site you do not want them to leave empty-handed. Those that do also leave you empty-handed! Another essential part of effective online marketing is to drive sales. Conversion optimisation is classed as how effectively you can convert first-time visitors into paying customers and how to ensure first-time customers become repeat buyers.

Content marketing and your customers:
The content contained on your website and access to related information is critical to building, developing and maintaining a healthy customer base. Powerful growth drivers include informative articles and guides, videos and webinars.
To build and continue to expand your customer base you are searching for the right formula that will engage your customers and give them a pleasurable on-line experience. To do this it is vital that you use the correct metrics to help you measure the success of each element introduced.

Paid advertising advantages:
We touched on traffic acquisition above, and the cost of using paid advertising campaigns. This element of marketing is something that needs to be understood and implemented with associated costs calculated. Those who shy away from this type of advertising and initial investment are limiting their reach in terms of new and potential customers being aware of their company, brand, service or product.
Remember, this type of advertising and promotion may well be a cost to you initially, but if you craft the adverts in a careful, interesting and noticeable way will afford benefits from increased brand recognition and increased ROI that will more than cover any initial investment costs.

Social media marketing strategy:
Budding, developing and experienced online marketers need to think very carefully about the social media marketing strategy they will employ. Social media marketing is far more than a simple Facebook profile or Twitter feed. It should be viewed as a highly powerful way of achieving brand recognition and the subsequent increase in sales such recognition brings.

Do not take a scatter-gun approach. Consider which social media channels are most popular in terms of your customer base and concentrate your marketing strategy on the ones most important. You can progress this by expanding on channels that are not so popular as your marketing expertise and experience grows.

It’s a non-stop, ever-developing world you are entering!

Do bear in mind that to be successful in online marketing activities you need to keep your finger on the pulse, act quickly and at times instantly. Be prepared to make decisions and implement them. Accept that mistakes will be made. Don’t dwell on them, correct them quickly.
While it may seem appealing to rest on your laurels as each goal is achieved and surpassed, don’t consider it. Mark-time for a short while to congratulate yourself and any team members then get right back on the continual marketing strategy trail in double-quick time.