One integral aspect of sales is taking the time to know and understand your prospects, what they need and most importantly, establishing relationships. Twitter messaging provides a great platform to accomplish this fast and easily.

Twitter, one of the leading social media platforms, can help redefine your sales strategy. Not only is it an excellent platform for reaching out to potential clients and maintaining relationships with the existing ones, but with the right plan in place, it can act as an exceptional medium for improving your overall sales.

Create a welcome Direct Message (DM)

Once you opt for a direct message from someone on Twitter, you automatically unlock customer support features that are mainly used for business accounts. These features include the message button and support indicators. Use these features to your advantage by creating an automated welcome message.

Make sure the message is authentic, helpful and tactfully created to set the stage for future communication. Here are some best practices you should consider when designing the welcome message;

  • Humanize your brand
  • Show the prospect your commitment to service
  • Provide value
  • Guide them on how they can engage with you

Welcome messages are a great way to offer clients a more personalized interaction with your brand as well as get them into your sales funnel.

Be strategic with your Direct Messages

When you send out messages that are irrelevant or have no value to a user, the chances are that they will ignore them, unfollow your page or worse still, complain publicly. It is crucial that you are strategic with your direct messaging.

Start by creating messages that fit well with your audience. This will build valuable relationships, as well as go a long way in boosting your overall sales. Make sure you create a call to action that provides actionable next step. Note that without a clear CTA, your DM might go unanswered.

Another important thing to remember is to actively monitor and respond to direct messages. Whenever a response message is a legit inquiry, do not ignore it. Also, do not take too long before replying to a message.

Use rewards

There is no one person who doesn't appreciate a reward. If you notice someone who has been liking or commenting a lot on your content, send them a thank you note via direct messaging. Other than a simple “thank you” message, there are many ways to reward such followers. To boost your sales, consider sending them a small discount on their next purchase or even retweeting a photo they shared.

Finding a way to reward your audience will help you create brand awareness and loyalty, which will, in turn, make direct sales conversions. The value of rewarding your audience is potentially tremendous.

Create exclusive access direct messages

Exclusivity factors even higher when using Twitter messaging to boost sales. Collect certain followers from your entire Twitter following for exclusive direct messaging. You can set this up so that they sign up for it as; a membership program, something offered to VIP clients or even something they win in one of your contests. Only the people whose social media profiles you have on record should receive these messages. Your offering could be exclusive coupon codes, behind the scene access, pre-launch access, one-on-one support, first news or any other exclusive offering you might have.

These messages can be regularly scheduled to weekly messages as part of your strategy, or they can be spontaneous and unexpected to boost excitement behind your brand and offerings. Providing this exclusivity allows you to reward your loyal audience while still building brand loyalty and driving sales.

Lead generation

Yes! You can use Twitter messaging to generate leads. However, you need to be extra smart about it to avoid overwhelming your audience and being marked as spam. The key to this tactic is social listening. You do not want to send these messages to everyone out there. Instead, you want to send them to the right people, at the right time and in the right place.

To achieve this, use geo-tags, hashtags, search parameters among other details to find your ideal target audience. After that, narrow them down to those who have a problem that your business can solve or are in a situation worth discussing. For instance,

  • If anyone is looking for the best Chinese restaurant, you can send them suggestions regardless of what your business deals with. Doing this is not pushing your business, but rather, simply being helpful to potential clients and getting on their radar in a more direct way.
  • If someone has complained about poor service from a competitive company, consider offering them a discount to try yours.
  • If a potential client is raving about a competitor’s product that aligns with your brand, consider offering them a discount on your product or service or even free consultation to augment their purchase.

These tactics are not generic, pushy or spammy. They are direct, helpful, and personally targeted towards an individual. When done well, you can capture a good number of new leads and work toward converting them into paying customers, thereby generating real revenue for your business.

At the end of the day, Twitter messaging can result in two outcomes; push prospects away or lead to something of value. If direct messaging is used inappropriately, it can lead to negative results. However, when used well, it can be quite effective.