The age-old question of how to increase sales performance is something that is just as relevant in today’s electronic marketplace as it ever has been, but the methods and tools at your disposal are far greater.

Here are some of the ways in which sales performance can be increased and maintained:

Set realistic goals:
Before putting any campaigns, plans or ideas into place it is important to look back at what has already been achieved and from those results set demanding but realistic goals. Many companies set these goals just beyond reach to ensure the sales team remain completely focused on the task at hand. These goals should cover the short, mid and long-term.

Questions to be asked include:

  • What did you achieve last year?
  • What are current market conditions and what is a reasonable percentage growth?
  • What are considered the strengths of your business
  • What are the weaknesses
  • How effectively are you using statistic and analysis tools to serve your customers

Focus on existing customers:
Keeping existing customers satisfied is key to increasing sales performance. Customer satisfaction is a must and this makes it imperative to get closer to your existing customers. You need to understand what they are getting, what they want and how to provide them with a service that will maintain a solid relationship while allowing growth in terms of increased sales, cross-selling and up-selling to naturally follow

Focus on your potential customer base:
This can only really be achieved if you have data available of the type of customer interested in your products or service, where they are accessing from and which social media apps they are most active on.
By implementing a statistical analysis business tool, you will gather vital information on visitors and this will allow you to focus on those who are most likely to become existing customers as well as those who offer the most value to the return on investment.

Create and maintain:
The fast-moving world of electronic relationships can make or break a product or company reputation. This means it is imperative to create and maintain a favourable impression amongst existing and potential customers.
Think carefully of ways to make marketing more effective. Look for referrals from within different divisions within a customer’s company, but also do not dismiss referrals that come via social media which include “likes” and “sharing” options. These recommendations between friends and colleagues can spread like wildfire so implementing a strategy that encourages visitors to share their visits is an ideal way of increasing sales opportunities.
Once these strategies are in place they need to be maintained and improved. There is no place in the modern selling world for complacency.

Three words that should be your mantra:
If you are to achieve increasing respect and recognition in the competitive business sector you are operating in then it is imperative that you: Ask, Listen and Act.

  • Ask questions that are relevant, direct, planned and creative in terms of the sales goals you are attempting to achieve.
  • Listen to what you are being told as well as what product, service and industry influencers are saying. Develop these listening skills and be prepared to.
  • Act on them. All the knowledge in the world will do little if you do not have the courage and conviction to act on what you have. This point is not for the faint-hearted, but those who have a strong belief in their ability and actions will find growth benefits from the initiatives they have put in place.

Make the best use of your time:
To achieve increases in work productivity and to successfully increase sales it is imperative that you maximise the time available. As we said at the beginning. Set goals and prioritise these. Test each activity for how important it is against, how urgently it needs acting upon and do not underestimate what efficiency can do for your personal productivity.

Anyone increasing their own productivity by just one hour each day will achieve more than 6 weeks of extra time each year to be more productive. Whichever way you look at an extra 6 weeks in your competitive marketplace this has got to be a big plus when it comes to increasing your sales performance.