Making cold calls can, no, Is one of the most dreaded tasks a salesperson can have, that sinking feeling you get before making the 99th call for the day.. your heart was lost 98 rejected meeting appointments ago.

However, there is some hope, my name is Benjamin, this is Adsoup insights and here are five tips on how to make cold calls that close.

Let's get started.

I don't think, in the years that I worked sales, I don't think I ever met anyone that could really say they loved calling random potential sales or that the fear of rejection gave them joy, but I know I have met dozens that would actively avoid it, or give up the second they get any pushback because, well it's just a little bit hard.

So today I want to give you a few tips on how you can make your cold call time go a little smoother, and if you're an employer, how you can set goals for the team that is achievable, and realistic, that will generate more meetings or sales.

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Number 1 - Do your research on the business you're calling.

Doing a little bit of research on the customer you are calling can change a terrible and short-lived call into a sale, and I mean that. While it may take you a little time, and if you have some call targets it may jeopardise that, so employers be wary of that, setting high call targets just reduces the quality of the calls your team are making and can be detrimental to your brand and your bottom line, so it's best to balance time and effort with volume.

Just Googling the business's website, and taking a look at the lead on LinkedIn, gives you some information, that can convert that call. There is a chance you have a mutual connection, or you know the area that they are in, you may spot an issue on their site that can help them if updated.. the possibilities to find some way to connect to the lead, just by doing 3 seconds of research before calling can truly help you. So all you need to do, to start building a relationship with a customer is a little bit of research.

Number 2 - Take your time to get to know your potential customer

Take the time to find out where your leads pain points are, and maneuver your offering gently to how it solves them.

Telling me that you do financial management, is useless information, but finding out if I manage my finances and if I'm in a position to let my funds work for me, that's going to get you past the mental barriers a little easier. I mean sure tell me why you're asking about my finances, but find out if I am going to be qualified before hitting me with a meeting request.

Once you have found some connection, ask me about how I am using your competitor's product or, if I'm not using it, you can ask me to tell you about some of the pain points, you know your software addresses.

You know your products, you know how it solves problems, you just need your lead to tell you, the problem you know they are having, and BOOM, you can start to help find the solution you are solving, but Don't attempt to sell on your first cold call, its crass, make a relationship, make a meeting, even a virtual one. You should always have a few nice dinners before you get funky, so be respectful.

Number 3 - This is the only time. No doesn't necessarily mean no, well I don't mean be pushy and disregard what your leads are saying, no still means no, but sometimes No, in a cold call, can mean "I'm too busy to talk right now" or "You just did a terrible job of selling me in the first few seconds so I can't be bothered to listen" or the best "You gave me no reason to listen to you, so I won't"

The key to dealing with a no, is firstly, get them to be saying yes, from the first opening but, make sure your opening message doesn't have many options for a no in the first place.

As an example, and I don't mean use this but as an example, "Hi, It's Ben from Adsoup here. I'm the (insert position here, with senior at the front) I know you're really busy so I would like to see if you are free to take a call at around 3pm today, I would like to give you a free tool/service whatever, but I need just a few min to explain it. Will 3 work for you?

So to break that down, I have told them I am a senior person at x company, to give them a sense that I'm not just a drone going through a list, I have acknowledged their importance with the "you're busy" and made my ask with a potential time for a call, then given them a very quick reason as to why they can make some time. Because I want to give them something free, and I just need to tell how it's used, and that it's only a few mins.

I'm not trying to sell here, but I have given a few options to go to if I get a No.

"No, I'm busy?No problem, If 3 doesn't work, can we make a time say.. tomorrow morning?"

"No, I'm not Interested, That's fine, Other's (insert their role) who have taken the free offer has had their work time cut/sales increased/ life extended (whatever your offer is), if you'd like to get the same as them, its only a few moments?"

Don't overwhelm your prospect during the first meeting.

But of course, Sometimes no, just means no.

Number 4 - Pick your time to get around the gatekeeper.

If you are working enterprise sales, chances are you will have to try to get through a secretary or assistant to get to the decision maker, and most of the time, they will be guarding their time, with some diligence.

So you need to be smart, and try to use time of day as your workaround. Now, this tactic may be seen cheeky, but if you're doing 100K sales, then you need to do whatever it takes to get the meeting, so first, call your prospect, and get their assistant or whoever, now ask what time they are going for lunch. You can preface this with a ruse as a delivery or something eg: "Hi it's Brian from Barter and Co, I have a delivery for (leads name), and there is a note to find out what time he is on lunch to not miss collection. Do you know when Lead will be out of the office?"

Do this call around 9:30 am, and you will most likely get an answer "lead is usually out from 1-2pm".

That's all you need for step one, say thanks and hang up, mostly the gatekeeper will think nothing of it, its low-value information when they are out of the office.

Then at around 1:30, when lead is out of the office, call back, and all you need to do is say "Hi It's Ben from Adsoup here, I was supposed to catch Lead name, at lunch today but I'm in another office and didn't have his cell, can I give you my new desk number and get you to get him to call me back, I need to catch him up on the new strategy that was discussed"

Then pause for a moment.. muffle the phone and then say, "oh thanks Dave,  sorry about that, actually can  I grab Leads cell, I just found out we can do that catch-up, thanks" After you get the number, say something like  Thanks for that, can you please let Lead know that I will give them a call, if I can't catch them before they are back in.

Now this will not work all the time, but, if you are confident, you get this practiced you're going to get their direct number more often than if you just go in cold and meekly ask to be put through.

Now the second step is to follow up, with the lead, call, be confident, be sure that they have now seen your name on the note, with your desk phone, and their gatekeeper told them you were going to call, so all you need to do now is.

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Number 5 - Always be closing.

This is pretty solid a statement, if you get 100 yeses, it's hard for a lead to say no.

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yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes & yes.

So, while this type of thing will not work in all situation and some may look it as hard sales tecquniques, in this day and age you need to cut through, and sometimes you have to bend the rules and use all your tools, I hope that you can find some value in one or more of these tips on how to make sales cold calls that actually convert.