With an average conversion rate of about 2.49%, Facebook is arguably one of the most outstanding marketing platforms for both entrepreneurs and marketers. In this article, we are going to teach you how to turbo-charge your Shopify store with Facebook's dynamic product ads. Let’s delve into it.

Timing is the main reason why most people can’t seem to get their Facebook campaigns right.

Advertisers are always eager to start selling their products prematurely. In most cases, marketers attempt to sell products too early before the brand even resonates with their target market. At this point, shoppers aren’t usually ready to buy. They are in the product comparison face, still trying to figure out which products would suit their interests best.

Unfortunately, marketers end up losing the money spent on advertisements. They barely get any returns on their efforts.

Facebook dynamic ads are exceptional marketing tools that allow business owners to target shoppers accurately. These ads are based on the shoppers' on-site habits and behaviors. They focus on the time shoppers are likely to buy a particular product.

There is a Facebook marketing strategy you could use to create a positive ROI and grow your sales. ByCharlotte, which is a renowned jewelry brand on Shopify used this strategy to achieve a 2,459.90% ROI. Here is what you need to do to replicate such success for your brand on Shopify;

1. Creating your Facebook ad strategy

To run an effective Facebook advertisement campaign, you need a well-structured strategy. If you choose to jump in without one, you will be taking your chances blindly, and this could be extremely frustrating.

The one thing you need to do is focus on the most important KPI. In this case, that is the conversion rate of your prospects into buyers.

Facebook dynamic product ads will not necessarily catapult the conversion rates of your Facebook ads. However, they will lay a foundation for your most effective Shopify store sales funnel. This will help increase your sales exponentially.

2. Leveraging retargeting for Facebook ads success

As you seek to leverage retargeting for your Facebook ads, then time is of the essence. You need to carefully consider the type of campaigns you want to create and ensure that you align them with every part of the customer’s journey.

If you use the two steps of the sales funnel explained below, you’ll not only achieve high conversion rates but also attain cheap clicks from your advertising efforts.

Step 1: Brand awareness

The first step revolves around brand awareness. You undoubtedly want to get as many people as possible clicking on your Facebook ads. Besides that, you want to optimize your ads so that you can garner cheap clicks on your site. This will help you to create what is referred to as 'custom audiences.'

In simpler terms, a custom audience is a group of people who have either visited your site or clicked on your ads. You can track this audience using cookies and mark them for later retargeting.

Step 2: Retargeted segmented traffic

This is whereby you segment your traffic based on user behaviors. To do this, you have to use dynamic product ads.

3. How to create an ad account on Facebook ads

To run Facebook ads, you first need a Facebook account that will be associated with your Shopify store. Additionally, you need a Facebook business management account and an ad account that’s linked to your credit card. It is also important that you create a Facebook pixel.

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4. Shopify Facebook pixel integration & installation

Once you set up your Facebook Business, you'll need to cookie and track your site's visitors. This will help you retarget them later using the dynamic product ad campaigns. For this reason, you need to install Facebook pixels in Shopify.

If you implement all the above steps successfully, you will be better equipped to run effective Facebook campaigns. The objective is to grow your sales by improving your conversion rates. Apart from that, you can benchmark your ad's performance.

If you implement this strategy right, you should get a higher return on the money spent on advertising. Most importantly, you will have turbo-charged your Shopify store with Facebook dynamic product ads. Good luck!