Bloggers and marketers invest a great amount of time and effort to come up with outstanding content for their readers. However, it takes more than just brilliant articles to attract traffic to a blog.

You may write incredible articles that are informative and helpful to the reader, but fail to fulfill the intended purpose if your target audience does not see them.

Facebook is one of the most inexpensive, yet effective social media platforms when it comes to driving more traffic to your blog. As much as this may sound straightforward, you need to be strategic if you want to use Facebook productively in steering more traffic.

So, how do you use Facebook to propagate more traffic to your blog posts?

Make your updates short and witty

Think of your update as a brief introduction or an irresistible teaser. Make it short and catchy enough to prompt your reader to want to proceed to read it. Statistics have shown that most Facebook users use their mobile phones to access the platform. In case you are wondering how short you should keep your updates, 140 characters should do the trick.

If your update is brief and interesting, you will get more likes, shares and following. This will translate into the kind of traffic you desire. More so, if your blog content impresses your readers, they may become loyal fans.

Accompany your posts with appropriate images

Images serve as catalysts to the appeal on your Facebook posts. Posts with imaging have been proven to stir up more engagement than those without. Effective images should possess a larger size and clarity for prominence on your Newsfeed. This will work to get you more likes and shares, leading to more traffic to your blog post.

If you want to execute this idea deftly, ensure that the image you use relates to your post. Make use of your Facebook Insights and blog metrics to enhance the performance of your technique. The feedback will let you know which images perform above the board on your posts.

Use questions

Naturally, questions are formidable triggers for a response. A Facebook update that seeks an answer grabs the readers’ attention, especially if the subject interests them. The only thing they want is to find out a solution to their problem. In order to do so, readers need to examine the contents of your blog post. That is exactly what you want; to make them act by clicking on the link to your blog post so that they can be furnished with more information. If they do so, it is good news for you since you have attracted more traffic. For this method to be effective, remember to keep the question simple, short and relevant to both your audience and your blog post.

Post at the right time

Think about when most of your audience is either online or likely to come online. Facebook Page Insights can help you figure this out. If you have posted a few times and monitored the response, you will know when most of your audience is active. After all, what is the point of promoting your blog when most of your fans are busy or asleep? Do not let your hard work go to waste.

Use an excerpt from your article as a quote on your Facebook post

A quote that shares the main point of your blog post used on a Facebook post acts as a snippet for your readers. It may motivate your target audience to want to see more of the ideas in your blog post. And that is exactly what you are trying to achieve; getting people to read the article on your blog.

With the right creativity and valuable content, it's possible to attract and keep your readers coming back to your blog for more. The above-mentioned techniques can help you identify the most effective way to drive traffic to your blog posts. Once you discover the ones that work best for you, be consistent and remember to test other ways to keep your audience tuned in to your frequency.