Instagram hashtags serve an important purpose. They make your content more discoverable and put it in front of targeted users that you may never have successfully reached. So how can your brand take advantage of Instagram hashtags?

Do you use popular hashtags? Do you fill each post with popular hashtags? Should you include branded hashtags? Having the right hashtag strategy can help you acquire new audiences and get more out of your Instagram marketing strategy. Fortunately for you, we have a few tips on how to use Instagram hashtags for more exposure.

Do your research

According to Instagram, 70% of the content on the platform goes unseen. You can prevent this from happening to your post by using the right hashtags. Hashtags have the ability to make your brand more discoverable since Instagram uses them to categorize content on the platform.

Therefore, it is crucial that you do your research to learn what and where your audience is searching to know which hashtags are the best to catch their attention. However, avoid using hashtags that are very popular as everyone is already using them, which increases the likelihood of your post getting lost and not being seen by your users. Instead, find lesser known hashtags to be able to stand out from your competition.

Create branded hashtags

This is a hashtag that is unique to your business and one that you can add on every post. A branded hashtag ensures that whenever someone searches it, they are exposed to all your content. To create a successful branded hashtag, start by doing your research to create one that is not already associated with other types of content.

Instead, you want to create a hashtag that is unique to your brand so that whenever a consumer searches it on Instagram, they find your business and what they were looking for. Also, make sure your branded hashtag is easy to remember and spell. Remember that a hashtag can only work if spelt the same way.


Use location hashtags

Local hashtags provide the best way to build on local awareness. It also helps you to increase targeted follower count more than any other type of hashtags. People love knowing what is going on in their hometowns or where they are travelling. So build on that by creating location-specific hashtags so that your brand’s posts show up in the search results, giving you instant exposure to a new targeted audience.

Include hashtags in your Instagram Stories

Instagram users can now customise their Instagram Stories by adding locations, tagging accounts and hashtags. If you use a hashtag in your story, the story will appear in the public posts for that hashtag. This will help boost your exposure since anyone already following that hashtag will be exposed to your Instagram Story so that even if your post gets lost among other posts, your story will not.

Include hashtags in your photos

It's important to understand that although adding the right hashtags to your post make it discoverable, the image, or rather the content you provide is what will pull and maintain loyal followers. So, start by doing a search on a preferred hashtag to see what type of photos show up.

Ideally, you want to look for similarities between the images and a sense of what the hashtag is all about. If you find a lot of the same stuff, you may consider branching out to stand out from the rest. The first thing you can do is to invest in high-quality photos or videos for your page.

Using trending hashtags is another great way to gain more exposure. You can achieve this by either;

Waiting for a hashtag related to your industry to trend: This approach will result in more target results. However, it might be rare to find a topic related to your industry to trend.

Use trending hashtags that are not directly related to your industry: For this strategy, you will be jumping onto trends that have no direct connection to your brand. In such a case, we highly recommend that you stick with current events like special events, or holidays which make it easier to tie back to your brand.

Use the tips provided above to make the most of your Instagram hashtag strategy. If used well, these tips can help give your brand more exposure to grow your audience on Instagram.