Can Twitter work for small businesses? How can I reach my customers using this platform without breaking my bank? While big companies and corporations utilize the hidden power of Twitter, small enterprises seem to be doubtful.

Most of them assume that Twitter is reserved for well-established firms, while others are in the dark on how they can use it to boost their business growth.

The number of active users on Twitter cannot be ignored, including savvy business owners who have taken advantage of this platform to boost their performance. Here are tips on how to use Twitter for your small business:

Search for customers on Twitter

Creating a Twitter account for your small business is not enough. You need to dive deeper into Twitter and look for new customers. You can do this using the Twitter search feature which means that you won’t pay a dime to scout for the new prospects.

By now you may be wondering how to get them. Use search terms that are directly related to your business niche. Put yourself in the position of a customer and imagine the words that you would use when looking for your products. From your search, you will see several people discussing various issues that are related to your product. Be courteous to contact them politely.

Optimize your content

What you post on your business Twitter handle means a lot. Although consistently tweeting is healthy, what you tweet matters. Posting a series of dull or even irrelevant tweets will do you more harm than good. Nobody will bother to pay attention to what you are posting, regardless of how the message may be relevant. Some users may be irritated to see your endless tweets on their timeline and may end up blocking or unfollowing you.

Create powerful content that is visually and mentally appealing. Incorporate images and graphics to increase your engagement and conversion rates. Keep in mind that Twitter users have a habit of scrolling down the page unless they spot something unique.

Use videos

According to statistics , 82% of Twitter users like viewing videos, but don’t just watch and leave. Instead, they engage with the people who post the videos. You don’t have to be a model to shoot videos, simple clips can do magic for small businesses. Just ensure that it runs for less than 140 seconds.

tweet a lot

Tweet frequently

The revised Twitter algorithm can work against you. To be on the same side, ensure that you tweet regularly. This is because some of the content that you tweet can disappear before your target audience sees them. There are some days when only a small fraction of your audience may be on Twitter. By tweeting frequently, therefore, you increase your chances of reaching them.

However, this does not mean that you should spam your handle with videos. Run your tweets in moderation by focusing on the quality of the tweets rather than just the numbers. Let each tweet that you send be of substance.

Use an Influencer

It doesn’t hurt to include some influencers in your Twitter marketing strategy. Some of them are not that expensive as you might tend to think. In fact, you can start by establishing a friendship with them, and as time goes by, you will begin to engage them in some business deals. Influencers can be bloggers, journalists, public people as long as they have a vast social media following. Be careful with the people you pick to promote your brand and ensure that they can easily blend with your business.

Use Twitter Hashtags

Pay attention to the trending conversations and participate in them using their respective hashtags. The use of hashtags is one of the cheapest ways of advertising your small business on Twitter. There’s a group of Twitter users who won’t bother scrolling down their accounts but will just click on the hashtags. Only use tags that are relevant to your business.

Use Adsoup Sales CRM

Adsoup Sales CRM has a Twitter Direct Messaging channel that can help small business owners boost their Twitter marketing. With the help of this tool, you can easily engage with your customers and even influence them into making important decisions such as buying your products.

Twitter marketing is not as sophisticated as some people make it look. If you are a small business owner, just follow the above tips and you will reap the benefits of this social media platform immensely.