Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms. Although it may seem slightly different from other platforms, it commands quite an impressive number of active users, which is currently estimated to be over 300 million.

There are about 500 million tweets sent every day. Moreover, 9% more people are making use of this incredible platform on a daily basis. With this kind of statistics, the future of Twitter is looking good and that’s why marketers are keen to grow their brands on this platform. Furthermore, Twitter has a partnership with Google, which allows Google to access the stream of tweets that are posted. This stream of tweets is referred to as the Firehose.

For Twitter users, this partnership enhances the visibility of what is posted from their end on Google. Once you have posted information on Twitter, people can view it while searching for specific information on Google, even if they don't have a Twitter account.

So, how do use Twitter to Skyrocket your SEO rankings?

Use of Keywords

Keywords are paramount to any Search Engine Ranking efforts. Therefore, it is equally important to apply relevant keywords while trying to promote anything on Twitter. Google effectively associates your Twitter account to its search engine if you have utilised the right keywords on your bio or posts.

So, how exactly should you position your keywords to improve your ranking?  When you post images on your Twitter, add your select keywords on the caption as well as within your Tweets. Consequently, the users who are on Twitter and even those who are not will easily find you as they search using the relevant keywords.

Have a well crafted Bio

A well-crafted bio makes a difference in a number of ways, especially if you are really determined to improve your visibility on Google. More so, Google makes use of your bio as the Twitters Meta description on its SERPs.

In order for you to create a well-coiffed Twitter bio that will be extremely effective on your overall ranking, you need to use the right keywords and tell the people what you do. This needs to be done in a professional and creative manner while putting your target audience in mind.

Use of Videos and Images

Videos and images are increasingly resonating well with users across all social media platforms, and Twitter has not been left behind. Over 80% of Twitter users watch videos. Tweets with images or videos are getting more attention than those without. One of the most recent trends shows that if you include either an image or a video, that particular tweet is likely to get 20 % more clicks than one without.

However, you need to use only relevant and high-quality images to reap maximum benefits from this strategy. Also, ensure that your videos are fun and informative about your product.

Sharing links is a great way of expanding your reach. Tweeting URLs are some of the ways you can use to share your links. Using this method will direct traffic towards your website or page accurately.

You can optimise your links before you put them out there. This prevents them from exhausting the stipulated character count on Twitter. While sharing links, make a habit of consistency and avoid overdoing it.

Consistent Tweeting Habits

Schedule your tweeting intervals in such a way that Google will not view your tweets as spam. There is always a high chance of this happening if you tweet continuously with a short time interval between the tweets.  Remember, the goal is to increase your visibility in the most positive way.

If you find it tedious to tweet in a consistent, useful manner, use a scheduling tool that will put out your tweets at the stipulated and favourable time intervals.

Engage Your Followers

This is the most brilliant way of gaining and maintaining your reach. One of the most effective ways to do this is to reply to your followers' tweets. More so, you will capture the attention of more followers. Personalise your replies to stay relevant. This will result in a positive engagement that will build up your presence, and eventually, your ranking on Google will rise.

If you religiously implement the above-mentioned tips, you will definitely skyrocket your search engine ranking. Goodluck!