Companies looking to spread the word of their products and services far and wide will find very positive reasons to implement SMS marketing as part of their communications strategy.

Key reasons SMS marketing works:

Here are 5 reasons why the use of SMS marketing must be part of your overall advertising, promotional and sales strategy.

  • Budget-friendly: Bundled text messaging services are low cost.
  • Wide audience: Text messages reach a huge audience.
  • Upon receipt will be read: Surveys have shown that 97% of text messages are read in less than 5 minutes of receipt.
  • Link activation: Far more users will click on a link received in an SMS than in an email.
  • Positive results: SMS campaigns show far more positive response rates than e-mail campaigns.

While the above shows exactly how positive SMS marketing campaigns can be, there are guidelines to follow that will increase the chances of a successful campaign.

Hard to resist offer:

Think carefully about what you are offering the customer. They need to be attracted, they need to see value, and you need to convince them your offer is a must have. In short; make the campaign hard to resist.

The way to create such an offer is to consider yourself as an existing or potential customer then honestly ask yourself if what you are communicating would interest you. Would it spur you on to purchase online or in-store? Or, at the very least to make contact in terms of potential purchase?

Coffee invitation

Short, Sharp, Effective Message:

It is imperative that you begin your message with exactly what is on offer. SMS marketing should be short, sharp and effective. Don’t dally, get straight to the point.

By doing this you immediately have the customers attention and interest. Leaving the offer to the end of the message may well mean the customer never gets that far.

Exclusivity is the key:

If you can convey a sense of exclusivity into the offer you have a head start on persuading the receiver that they are part of something special.

They want to feel wanted, they want to feel important, they want to feel as if the message is directed at them because they are part of an exclusive audience receiving it.

Generalised messages provide a far lower personalised experience and as such may well be disregarded.

Limited time offers only:

The SMS needs to convey a sense of urgency. Make it clear how long this superb deal is available for and why the receiver should act quickly to take advantage of it. By doing so the potential customer will take time out of their busy schedule to check your website.

Once there the offer needs highlighting, and if you have online chat agent’s in place make sure they are trained in how to further increase sale conversion. They need to have answers good and ready for any queries raised.

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Clearly state where the offer is available:

It is crucial that your audience know exactly where they can take advantage of the offer. If this is a store, name it clearly, if it is online sales only; say so.

Your target audience will not mind where it is they should redeem this exclusive offer, they will mind if they are not given details!

Call to action = increased chance of sale:

This is particularly relevant if a store visit is necessary for the customer to take advantage of your special offer. Make the call to action concise. This will urge them to take action and bring you increased sales because of it.

Don’t be shy as to who you are:

It is well known that the sender ID will identify you to the receiver, but that should not stop you from reminding them exactly who you are at the end of the promotional message. Get your name into their thoughts and your product into their possession.

Quick, slick, efficient, effective:

A cleverly worded, exclusive offer can do absolute wonders for your image and reputation. This can be achieved with the assistance of SMS marketing companies who will also offer analytics of exactly what responses are received across which audiences.

Once the relevant data has been analysed it will go towards improving future campaigns and in turn improving sales figures for whatever product or service you offer.