Live video chat is an Instagram feature that can help enhance a business’s relationships if used well. This feature can help differentiate you from your competition as well as create a sense of credibility, thereby establishing trust. Here are some creative ways that you can use Instagram live video chat for your business:

To provide customer service

Plan days or specific times to answer customer questions or resolve any issue on Instagram live video chat.

Close sales

If a potential client is just at the bridge to closing a sale but has a question about your offering, a quick live chat could be the nudge they need to purchase.

Product demos

You can use live chat to offer first-time looks of your product to prospects to speed up purchases or even to help a customer with their newly purchased item.


If you have clients that need some guidance on your product, Instagram live video chat provides the perfect platform, which is crucial to establishing trust and loyalty.

Hold team meetings

If you run an international business with employees spread out globally, or need to hold a meeting, but you are away from the office, live chat video can be crucial for small team meetings.

How to use Instagram live video chat

Whom to connect with on live chat

To launch Instagram’s live video chat, open a previous direct message conversation on your account. You will see a video camera icon next to the star icon in the top right. The live video chat can include a maximum of 4 people in a single conversation, making it a great feature for small meetings.

Note that you can't launch a live video chat with just anyone on your follower's list. You can only video chat with people you have previously had direct message conversations with on Instagram. Hence, if you need to have a video chat with someone, start a direct message conversation first. Only then can you initiate a live video chat. Also, you can't have a live video chat with someone you have blocked, or who has blocked you.

Initiate live video chat

The next step is to initiate a live video call

  • Open up a direct message conversation of the person or group you want to chat with
  • Tap on the video icon to call the other person and begin the live video chat

Once you make the video call, the recipient will be notified of an incoming video call. You will also be notified of the outgoing call. If you are video-calling a group, every participant in the group will get a notification.

When the video chat goes live, the camera icon will turn blue, indicating that there are live participants in the chat. If it's a 2-person live video chat, your video will appear on the top, and the other parties video will appear on the bottom of your screen. If it is a 3-person live video chat, your video will be at the top of the screen and the other participants will be split in the lower section so that they are side by side. For four live video chat participants (max number) each participant will get a quarter area on the screen.

There are various ways you can navigate the conversation and other features of your device.

Switch between the front and rear facing cameras

The Instagram live video chat, by default, uses your front-facing camera. However, each participant can switch to the rear-facing camera anytime during the chat. All they have to do is tap on the twin arrow icon to switch between cameras.

Use other features of your device

You can minimise the chat altogether to use other features on your device. However, only you will be able to see what is on your screen. To minimise the chat window, click on the square-in-square icon on your screen.

Leave a video chat

To leave a live video chat, tap on the red button on the bottom of your screen. This will end a 2-person conversation. If there are more than 2 parties in the chat, when you leave the cat, the other members will remain active in the video chat for as long as they want to.

Instagram Live Video Chat provides a great way for businesses to connect with their customers, build trust and loyalty. If you still haven’t started using this feature, your business could be missing out on a lot!