When it comes to digital marketing, where does YouTube fall? Is it just a video platform or does it fall under the social media category? This is a common question that has left many marketers scratching their heads. So before we categorize it, we first need to have the basic understanding of just what social media is.

Social media is a platform that allows users to connect with each other, as well as share content. A quick analysis on YouTube, shows that it possesses these features, meaning that we can rightfully classify it under social media.

YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms and the second biggest search engine after Google Search. One unique thing about it is that it specializes in providing video content rather than the regular texts and static images.

How to use YouTube for marketing

As a marketer, you need to know that a big proportion of both your current and prospective customers are using YouTube. The question is, how can you reach them and boost the number of sales or any other conversion? Let’s look at these simple strategies that you can use to boost your YouTube marketing performance.

We assume that you already have a YouTube channel for your business and have probably created a few videos. If you haven’t done any of these, try to implement them now.

The channel should be about your product or the service that you are trying to sell. You can also create a channel for your business, especially when you are dealing with many products. In the “About me” option, state all the details of who you are. You can use an intro video that will be automatically played whenever someone clicks on your YouTube channel.

Focus on quality content

Quality content does two things: It attracts and retains. Is there anything about your videos that can win the heart of a random YouTube user who stumbled upon your videos by accident? Will the existing subscribers like your videos or will they unsubscribe right after watching some of your videos?

Quality content starts right from the image and sound quality. Viewers should be able to see everything clearly and hear what the video is all about. This means that you should invest in superior gadgets, including the camera and the microphone.

Still, in terms of quality, let your videos tickle the minds of the viewers. An ordinary YouTube user will not tolerate a dry talk, yet there are thousands of educational and entertaining videos to watch.

Optimize for Keywords

As we mentioned earlier, YouTube is also a search engine. Users search anything that they want on this platform, and they are likely to click the videos that appear at the top of the results page. You need to apply some basic SEO strategies that can make your videos rank high for relevant keywords.

For YouTube, keyword optimization starts right from deciding your channel name to the description of each video that you upload. Use keywords that a typical user is likely to use in the search bar.

Focus on engagement

One mistake that marketers make is judging their performance based on the number of views only. While viewership is one of the performance metrics, it can be misleading. If you still record low sales despite getting millions of views, there is a problem that you need to address. Probably you are reaching the wrong audience, or you are not engaging them. Try to educate and engage the viewers so that you can lure them in visiting your website and buying your products. Use a tone that suits them, then add a call to action at the end of the video.


Being consistent will make your subscribers stay around and keep waiting for more of your content. Consistency is all about the time that you take before uploading a video after the previous one. Don’t make the subscribers stay for too long before getting something from you. Try to upload more videos after short intervals.

Comment on the videos

You can directly engage the viewers by commenting on your videos and giving replies when necessary. This is a sign that you are concerned about your brand. You can also take advantage of this opportunity to convince viewers to visit your website or view other related videos that you had uploaded earlier on.

YouTube is a social media platform that can help you generate more leads and boost the overall performance of your business. You don’t need a specialized media team to achieve your desired results. Just apply the above tactics, then track your progress.