Any business looking to increase their online sales needs to understand the importance of adding live chat to the other customer service apps already in use.

Here are some of the reasons why live chat is an essential business tool:

Customer expectation

Customers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in terms of the mobile devices they are using and the way in which they go ‘shopping’ for goods or services.

The majority expect to see live chat on the sites they visit and have no hesitation in utilising this effective means of contact.

Customer choice

Surveys have shown that given a choice between phone, e-mail or live chat options to answer queries and receive information the vast majority prefer the latter. They feel live chat is the most effective and accommodating way to get the information they require.

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Answers given, information sent

When a potential customer is looking at a particular product or service they want prompt, informative advice. They may also wish to receive additional information that explains products or services in more detail.

By employing live chat, a company can provide quick answers to general questions that are not answered on their FAQ page. Any additional, detailed information such as pre-prepared pdf’s can also be sent via e-mail, or the live chat agent can point the customer to a specific company web page which provides the information they require.

Heightened customer satisfaction

Offering a live chat option is seen as a highly effective way to heighten customer satisfaction. The customer wants live chat and when this is available their impression of the company concerned and its customer service increases.

Increased customer service = Increased opportunities

It stands to reason that if a potential customer visits your site, likes what they see in terms of products or services and then has the option to get instant answers to initial queries using the live chat facility that this experience will encourage them to make a purchase or request services offered from your company rather than continuing their search for similar products or services from other businesses in your sector.

Giving the customer what they demand

We have already mentioned how demanding customers are becoming. Their ability to search for goods, services and specific products is now being carried out from multiple locations. Whether a customer is at home, at work or out and about they have the ability to search and find things they are looking for.

Those who visit a company’s website that is lacking live chat may well appreciate the goods you are offering, but if they cannot find specific information relating to their search, and they find that instantaneous contact is not available there is a good chance they will search elsewhere.

Allowing potential customers the option of ‘speaking’ with a live chat agent is key to keeping them engaged and closing a sale.

Engaging customers increases sales potential

The products or services your company offer may well be best of breed, but they will not sell themselves. It is crucial that your company stands out from the crowd in the highly competitive business sector you are operating in.

This means that any business tool that helps you engage a customer has to be worth its weight in gold. Live chat does exactly that. It gives existing as well as potential customers a feeling of being wanted.

They will feel far more comfortable if the live chat agent is contactable. It tells them you’re your company is ready to assist immediately as and when they require.

This form of contact will help build a rapport that can either instantly close a sale, offer additional information with the promise of follow-up contact, or allow one of your sales staff to take customer contact information and further persuade them as to why your company are the right fit for them.

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Repeat business must be achieved

One-time customers who purchase goods or services from a company certainly help sales, but adding an extra layer of customer service, a layer that gives heightened customer satisfaction has the ability to turn one-time customers into repeat customers.

A well-utilised and managed Live Chat app can help greatly in making such a transition and ensuring increased business for your company.