Today’s business world is quite demanding, especially due to the technology revolutions taking place. One aspect that keeps getting better with technological advancement is social networking.

Currently, there are countless social networking sites that are ideal for your business. The best thing about these sites is that they are constantly being upgraded with new features being introduced to make them more efficient.

Here is a complete list of social networking sites for your business;


Facebook is undisputedly the largest social networking site. In fact, it has over 2 billion users, which makes it a force to reckon with. So long as you know your way around it, there is no reason why your business shouldn’t successfully network on Facebook.

You can create a Facebook page for your business and the people interested in what you do will follow you. You can also follow your audience and interact with them through messaging and comments.


LinkedIn is an amazing social networking site for business. One of its best aspects is its professional outlook. It is also more direct and targeted for business networking, making it extremely easy to connect with persons of interest as far as business is concerned.

LinkedIn is endowed with a wide pool of professionals who you can interact and network with. Some of its features allow you to share content with your counterparts as well as anyone who is interested in your business. You also may be surprised by people who recognize your brand, follow you and message you randomly.


Instagram is one of the best social media platforms in the world. There are a number of ways that you can position your venture on this site. Besides uploading photos, it allows you to put up stories concerning your business. You can also engage your audience and get feedback about your products or business as a whole.

Part of the goal for most businesses is to attract customers and grow their brand. Instagram is a good platform that can help you meet this particular objective.


Twitter is a great social networking platform with over 300 million active users. You can leverage it to connect and engage with your existing and potential customers. While it isn’t easy to get noticed on this site, you have to position yourself strategically.


Pinterest is a prominent site that can take your business to new heights. If your business falls within the creative space, you can barely go wrong with it. There are over 170 million active users, and given that most of them are women, you can easily engage them in fashion, events, recipes, and lifestyle.

Most people like to talk about new trends, share ideas and sometimes, inquire about things concerning your business. To communicate with these people on Pinterest, you need to have an appealing profile that motivates them to follow you. Note that you can only send messages on this site to people who follow you and those that you follow.


WhatsApp is an instant messaging app that grows in popularity by the day. At first, it was seen as a platform to catch up with friends and family, but that has changed. You can now form a chat group and invite your audience and contacts and communicate regularly.

What makes it even better for your business is that the members of your brands' group can add other people who may be interested. Apart from that, you can follow other brands that have a WhatsApp presence and share ideas and media with professionals in your field.


As a business person, you may view YouTube as a site for just entertaining and educating your audience. While this is part of what you can do with it, there is more to it. YouTube has a channel feature that may come in handy when it comes to social networking. By establishing a channel for your business, you open up an opportunity for networking with all sorts of people as you reply to their comments.

These are just some of the most renowned social networking sites that you can use to enhance your business interactions. Although there are many more other sites which are probably not equally popular, you can leverage on these ones to take your business to the next level.