LinkedIn is a professional platform with immense benefits. This is for both professionals and business owners. For those in business, it’s an incredible platform for networking. As for recruiters, it’s a great platform to meet potential employees.

This platform allows you to connect with the relevant people career-wise or business-wise. You choose who you want to connect with. You can join various groups with like-minded people and get to network with those within your profession or business line.

Publishing articles on LinkedIn can help position yourself as an expert in your field. It all depends on how well you tap into the opportunities that it presents to you.

Unfortunately, there are common mistakes that people make on LinkedIn (mostly unknowingly). Here are 3 mistakes that could be derailing your efforts on LinkedIn:

Unprofessional profile picture

In most social media sites, you can post all types of pictures that you like. You can freely post images that you took while on a picnic, or when spending time with your friends at a beach. But if you do the same on LinkedIn, it could turn out to be a profile assassination.

LinkedIn is a professional site, and your profile should match the platform's standard. Make sure that you upload a professional profile picture. A decent picture depicts you as a professional. This is the kind of professionalism that you should exude.

Remember that you will be interacting with professionals and a positive representation will earn you the respect that you deserve on LinkedIn. It will match the impeccable profile that you have refined to the best of your ability.

A poor or unprofessional image will jeopardize your image on LinkedIn. It will deter your chances of connecting with the right people and prevent you from building a network of recruiters or potential business partners.

Failure to post updates

Posting updates on LinkedIn enhances your profile's visibility. It shows anyone that you would like to connect with that you are active. However, when you barely post on LinkedIn, people may wonder if you are active.

You can update pictures of the recent professional events that you may have attended. Posting updates once a week will improve your visibility. The objective is to appear frequently on LinkedIn Newsfeed.


Another way of staying active is through publishing articles. This is especially good if you have an in-depth knowledge of your profession or business. Writing on topics that you are conversant with will undoubtedly showcase your expertise.

Failure to include your experience

Are you a professional, or a business owner who has accrued a wealth of experience? In case you are, it helps to include it on your LinkedIn profile. The people who are interested in networking with you look forward to such information.

Ensure that you fill the experience section with relevant information, including your previous job roles. Don’t leave out anything that you have previously excelled in as potential recruiters or business partners could be on the lookout for such skills.

As you fill in these details, don’t overdo it. Also, there is no need to present this information in bullet points. Illustrate the important parts in simple and clear language. You can also be selective and pick the experience that highlights your strengths.

The same applies to business owners. You can indicate the enterprise you run, how long you have been in the industry, and so on.

In terms of professionalism, LinkedIn is the best social network that exists. It’s been solely created to showcase your professional attributes.

It has tremendous potential for professionals and business owners. But you ought to know how to take advantage of it. The best way to do so is to avoid the above-mentioned pitfalls.

Try to review your LinkedIn profile, refine it by getting rid of any inappropriate content such as unprofessional photos and make sure that no section is over or under-represented. A flawless profile will create more opportunities for you.